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I guess everyone knows that I'm still single.

most of them know that I'm still single because I'm a non-committal
few of them know that I'm still single because I'm a picky bastard
but no one knows that I'm still single because I haven't found someone like you.

someone told me
that the reason why people search for their soulmates is because no matter what shit u have been thru, no matter if u have reached the bottom of the pit, u know at the end of the day, there will be always someone u can always run to, and that someone can make everything be ok again.

and thus far, ur the best 'that someone' I've ever had.




u're a sweetie. if she eva reads this, she'll shed some tears.

it's ok to wait. in between, its ok to have some pillows. but heck! that was why i've been in + out of shitty relationship cos i was such a picky biatch too.

one day you'll find someone who's better than her (if she's meant to be yours, she'll be back in ur arms).

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