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Ok done promoting other people's videos. Now I present to you my own video. But this video could never be materialized without the help of @karrotgold The Director, @Azizulmajjal The Videographer cum editor, @Luna_Rahman The Lady Ghost, @rafflethazzle The Production Assistant, @liyOthman The Make Up Artist, @AinaAzizi The Myvi Owner and friends @KhirOmar @rararawr.

Here goes! :D

And some behind the scene pictures.


Perodua , A Superhero's Car by Aida Suraya

Perodua Lagi Best by Ojamoja

Teka Silang Kereta by Rebung Production

Perodua Lagi Best Secret Agent by Moment Production

Ok I know this might come a little bit too late, but for those who still didn't realize that Perodua is on the hunt to find the best Perodua Lagi Best videos from you guys and guess what, you might win yourselves a whopping RM10,000 and 5 iPad2!

How to enter?

1) You must first like this page.
2) Make sure you're a Malaysian, and aged 18 or above.
3) Record a video under one minute, anything related to Perodua Lagi Best.
4) Give your video a title, and submit them to that facebook page mentioned above.
5) TA-DAA. You're done. Easy peasy right?

Take note that this contest will end this Sunday 24th July. So hurry up, grab your camera and shoot your heart out!

I will be posting some interesting videos to give you the ideas on what to shoot. :D

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