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Thursday 22nd May

Meh nothing much happened today.
Was audited in the morning which I think I scored pretty decently.
And watched Xmen with my colleagues after work (I loved it)

Wtv it is, tomorrow is payday, biotch!

It's 1:06am Thurs 22nd May 2014, and I'm typing this (or rather blogging this) using my iPad. Gone were the days of me sitting in front of my laptop, thinking of what beautiful words to be uttered, how to personalize it a little bit more, to add pictures and all. Meh, those were the days.

I saw the last post of mine, dated way back in 2012. That was before Twitter came into the picture and killed (maybe paralyzed a bit) the blogging scene everywhere. Except for those gossips and politics blogs I'd reckon.

Whatever it is, here I am, trying to write again. But this time around, it won't shout "hey-please-read-my-posts-and-increase-my-page-hits" anymore. I think I'm going to make it a little bit more personal. Like a diary. Since I know the only person who's going to read this again in the future is, yup, me.

Alright where do I start.

Woke up a tad early today, just because we were having breakfast with our SGM, GM and their entourage this morning before they proceeded with their visits. Got back to the office and sorted out some documentations and filings for tomorrow's audit (gulp). The day went kinda slow and dull. Gotta blame the gloomy weather of late. Went back home after working hours and had my nap,

Got out of the bed (finally, and it was only because I was hungry) and headed to City Square with a to-buy-list mentally embedded in my brain. Managed to get my Superdry watch fixed, bought an SD card for my Note 3 (the storage problem was kinda annoying, plus I'm too lazy to get all my pics transferred to my laptop on a weekly basis), had Kenny Rogers for dinner (instead of Subway which what I had in mind prior to that - so much of eating healthy, Faliq -_-) went to Crossover and bought two tees (HUF and Rockwell - first time coming across that brand) and went up to the cinema to catch the 11pm Bad Neighbours show, only to find the last show was at 9pm. Damn you Cinemapps.

So I had to change my plan and reluctantly watched Godzilla (3D) instead. To my surprise, I had fun watching it and it wasn't as boring as some people claimed it to be. Perhaps my simple mind liked it and the sadist side of me loved the mass-casualties-and-cities-destruction scenes.

And that was before I spent half an hour trying to figure out how to pay for my parking ticket as I only has RM1 note and two fiddy dollar bills, when the amount that I had to pay was RM3. Stupid machine didn't accept RM50 nor coins. And it was 12:30 ish and no one was around. Until I came across a dude who was willing to exchange my coins with another two RM1 bills. God bless you random citizen.

I guess that's about it. P/s: I'm still hating myself for not being able to muster any strength and motivation to hit the gym. And on another note, I finally passed 7300 followers on Instagram. Wee huu (slow clap)

Night world. Let's see how discipline I can be in ensuring this "diary" is updated on a daily basis. Ha!

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