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So pagi tadi aku terdengar kat radio pasal benda ni. Then aku google and jumpa article ni dalam internet. Walaupun study ni dah buat last year, tp aku rasa still ok utk dikongsi dengan korang, kaki kaki carut semasa.

Menurut Encik Richard Stephens dari Keele University, England,

"It taps into emotional brain centers and appears to arise in the right brain, whereas most language production occurs in the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain”, he said to LiveScience.

"If people experience the emotion of fear to a significant degree … their pain tolerance increases," Mr Stephens said to ABC. "There seems to be something similar here. Swearing is emotional language. If it's not fear, it might be aggression."

Aku harap korang faham ape dia cakap sebab aku malas nak translate.
So menggunakan 67 student sebagai bahan uji kaji, dorang ni test bebudak ni dengan letakkan tangan bebudak ni dalam ais sejuk dan pada masa yg sama dorang dok mencarut-carut selama berjemaah tanpa henti-henti.

Lepas tu diulang balik perlakuan yang 'cool' itu tapi kali ni bebudak tu takleh mencarut, hanya boleh menggunakan bahasa biasa seperti 'pisang', 'kipas siling' atau 'pondok pak gad'.

Kesudahannya, bebudak ni dapat letak tangan dorang dalam ice tu lagi lama kalau mencarut, berbanding menggunakan bahasa biasa. Secara konklusi, pencarutan yang teratur dan teliti dapat meningkatkan toleransi manusia terhadap kesakitan dan meningkatkan heart rate, berbanding dengan tidak mencarut.

Jadi, lepas ni kalau jari anda tersepit kat pintu kereta, CARUTKAN AJEEE :)

p/s: jgn tunjuk budak-budak bawah 13 tahun artikel ni, nanti dorang dapat reference utk berhujah dengan parents atau cekgu di skolah.

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Date: 2nd April, 2010
Venue: Studio Cafe, Wangsa Maju
Time: 9pm til the place owner chased us away.

Finally I got the chance of throwing my dream birthday party, people eating whilst listening to performance by my fellow celebrity-friends. I've been meaning to do that since last year and finally it came true this time around. Thanks to Studio Cafe. Even though it's no Planet Hollywood nor Hard Rock, but the ambience of that place pretty much suited my likings. And oh, the food was SCRUMPTIOUS!

I opened up the night with covers from Aizat (Lagu Kita), Neyo (Part of The List), Michael Buble (Havent Met You Yet) and One Republic (Come Home).

Initially there were 3 people agreed to perform on my birthday. But Ilya fell sick at the eleventh hour, and Cheng-cheng couldn't find the minus one for her songs, so I was left with Ema and myself to entertain the guests, which I thought was OK, since the turn ups wasn't that really encouraging.

But to my surprise and delight, Syai came up, and teamed up with Fauzan, Rafiq and 2 of their friends and boom, they conquered the stage, mic and the hearts of many. Superb spontaneous renditions of Careless Whisper and Belaian Jiwa, with powerful voice from Zhafran and great vocal back ups from the rest. I thought to myself, the night is going to be great.

Next up, Lynnz and Zira took the spotlight (which was impromptu as well) and sang Manisnya Senyummu by Elite and their own song, Asmara. I somehow wished the 2 third of Senoritas who was also the VIMA 2010 winner for Best Pop Group, sang their Malay cover of 'Wondergirls - Nobody'. Hehe

Next, it was Ema Hashim, the up and rising songwriter-cum-singer, melting the crowd with her sultry voice and smooth guitar playing. Her rendition of Use Somebody was definitely my favorite. And the audience also got the chance to hear her own number.

Syai took up the mic, singing Gigi's Terbang before Lokman finally gave up to the constant pressure from Elen and me and went up to the stage. Frankly speaking I'd never thought he would. I've always been a fan of him since the One In A Million and his single 'Namun Engkau Tahu' is one of the best! Lokman sportingly took the guitar and sang L.O.V.E and his own song called 'Perempuan', drooling the ladies in the crowd.

And the surprise of the night surely came in a small package. Siti Sarah, my childhood friend came to the party, despite being late, and went up to the stage and sang Happy Birthday song to me, in her own style. :)

All in all, I had a FABULOUS time and would like to thank all of you who came. Thanks for the presents, the well wishers and ultimately to all the performers. YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST :)


Cute aint it?
Yesterday (7th April) is the International Beaver Day. According to

The Beavers, Wetlands and Wildlife Organization is trying to show people how important beavers really are, and the group has produced an educational DVD and sent 1,000 copies to teachers all over the state of New York.

One member says the beaver is one of the most important wild animals for a number of reasons. First, because they build dams and prevent flooding. And second, because beavers protect us from greenhouse gas emissions
So hope you guys hugged all the beavers you came across yesterday. Hehe.

Not forgetting, 7th April was also the World Health Day. So yaw, kick off the smoking habits and head up to the treadmill yaw! :)

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