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Yes it's 2011, people. Time to pretend to have resolutions, time to pretend we'll struggle to be better persons, time to pretend it's time for a new start.

Ok ok I don't mean to be a downer here.
To all optimistic bastards out there, please skip.
To all rationale people who are reading this, pat your backs.

Ok here goes.

Face it, it's just another year, it's just another date.
Similar misery, similar heartbreaks.

Yes it's a new year, but we still have the old fear,
Fear of not noticing the signs, even though they are oh so clear,
Fear of being let down. Fear of being lied to,
Fear of failures, disappointments and heck, fear of being dumped too.

Fear of being taken advantages of, fear of losing,
Being cheated again and again, doesn't sound so amusing,
Fear of being backstabbed by two-faced friends,
By the ones who said 'friendship til the end',

Fear of empty promises, fear of false hopes,
Fear of losing grip, while hanging on our last rope,
Fear of being neglected, fear of being alone,
And let's not forget, fear of the shadows of our own.

With so many fear yet to be encountered, how can this be a new start?

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