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lalu lalu aku berlalu
berlalu lalu hilir dan hulu

lalu lalu aku berlalu
disini aku, lama terlalu

lalu lalu aku berlalu
tak ingin aku, aku yg dulu

lalu lalu aku berlalu
cari tuju, tuju yg baru

engkau berlalu
mereka berlalu
dunia berlalu
kini masaku

lalu lalu aku berlalu
tinggalkan cerita, cerita lalu yang sayu

just a few pictures during my monthly visit to Sarikei to conduct my station visits. :)
senja itu

had to get onboard to across the river :p

taking pics while driving is not advicable :)

one of the stations there

malaysian pride

"cause i've lost the loved ones in my life
who never knew how much i loved them
and i live with the regret
for my feelings for them, never were revealed"

its a good song with deep lyrics by one of my favorite singers of all time, Garth Brooks. and recently, (perhaps by coincidence), lots of people around me lost their loved ones. Laila just lost her mum, Dahari (one of my dealers) lost his 4-year-old son over a high fever last 2 weeks, and lots more that i dont have the heart to write it all down here.

to those who know me that well, they would know that i, myself have experienced the losses of my loved ones. My dad passed away when i was 7, and my bestfriend, Asiyah Hananah, passed away in an accident back then in 1997. and upon hearing all these sad news happening to the people around me, i cant help but to ponder and pause, what if its my turn to go? *touch wood. wud people around me know that i love them? wud the people that i used to love know what i treasure every moments i spent with them? wud the people that ive hurt know what i really didnt mean to do so? wud they even forgive me? true, there are so many uncertainties in life, but friendship, while it lasts, is certain. friends, while they still are, are certains. even life itself, while it's still there, is certain as well. so i guess what im trying to say is, i'll try my best to tell the people around me that their existence in my life are highly appreciated and treasured by me. and since its the Friendship Day today, i wud like to wish all the few people reading this, a happy friendship day. with a little message of...

"so tell that someone that you love,
just what you're thinking of,
if tomorrow never comes"

as much an RNB person as i am, lately ive been hooked on these sing-a-long rock songs(yeah take note when i say sing-a-long. not those "wargh wargh i hate my dad wargh wargh lets kill some kittens and drink the blood" kinda songs). i dont really know the specific genre, as some songs wud be just in between the region of rock and pop, but i'd like to call it sappy-melancholic-rock. hey its my definition. dont argue. and these songs are the typical songs u'll be hearing as theme songs for teen flicks.

and i feel like sharing the playlist with u all here. these are the songs that i sing along in the car on my way to work (or wherever the destinations are, as long as im in the car). kindly check the songs and scream "bingo" and run around the house naked if every songs are in your playlist too. chow

disc 1
1. the click five - empty (oh so mainstream i know)
2. daughtry - what about now (the lyrics are deep)
3. the paperboys - fall down with you (will remind u of the classy duet kidrock-sheryl crow song titled 'picture'. and yeah, there's a girl in this band)
4. taylor swift - place in this world (u gotta love this country girl)
5. until june - you do
6. augustana - sweet and low (they're back babbyyy)
7. amanda marshall - i'll be okay (taken from the my best friend's wedding)
8. ryan cabrera - photo (how can u miss out ryan cabrera for the list of sappy songs?)
9. jason mraz - bella luna (songwriting genius at his best)
10. one republic - hearing voices
11. aslyn - thats when i love you (can somebody dedicate this song for meeeeee?:p)
12. travis - closer
13. finch - letters to you (ok this song is a fast-paced, but still i like it)
14. no use for a name - dumb reminders (and so is this song from this punkrockers)
15. ten2five - dont say goodbye (reminds me when i was packing for Sibu)

disc 2
1. red jumpsuit apparatus - guardian angel
2. midnight hour - running hour
3. embrace - gravity
4. maroon 5 - sweetest goodbye
5. james morisson - pieces dont fit anymore (sobs)
6. rascal flatts - bless the broken road
7. keane - we might as well be strangers
8. story of the year - sidewalks
9. secondhand serenade - your call
10. the calling - could it be any harder
11. faber drive - tongue tied
12. jamie scott and the town - when will i see your face again?
13. meets the world - hear me, hear you
14. amber pacific - gone so young
15. missy higgins - where i stood
16. fefe robsob - everything

ok im a certified sappy rock songs sucker now thank u

im finalizing my slideshows.
doing the final touch ups now.

slideshow. check
cue cards. check
tips from boss. check
faith. err. check?

gahhh im nervous now.
its my first trading area meeting tomorrow.
gonna sleep early.
hope things will be fine :)

its been 2 days now.
Its hard for me to do my daily routines.
Im feeling so low
The clocks ticking so slow

All i cn do is lie down on my bed
With so many thoughts inside my head.

At last i had the guts to make the phone call ive been mean to make.

"Aunty, sudah 2 hari takda air. Sampai bila org repair pipe mahu settle kerja?''
"Aiya tunggu aa. Ini hali setel munya", says the landlady

saturday night.

music pumping
beats thumping
vodka sipping
lingeries slipping

not me

at home missing love
missing life
missing myself

when i was happy

hello world.

my first post.
my first blog.
im not sure now.
it's like having so much to say at first but suddenly no words come out.
(reminds me of final exams and public speeches at school)

wtv it is, hello all.
thanks ilya for the encouragement.

i shall write more soon. :)

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