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"cause i've lost the loved ones in my life
who never knew how much i loved them
and i live with the regret
for my feelings for them, never were revealed"

its a good song with deep lyrics by one of my favorite singers of all time, Garth Brooks. and recently, (perhaps by coincidence), lots of people around me lost their loved ones. Laila just lost her mum, Dahari (one of my dealers) lost his 4-year-old son over a high fever last 2 weeks, and lots more that i dont have the heart to write it all down here.

to those who know me that well, they would know that i, myself have experienced the losses of my loved ones. My dad passed away when i was 7, and my bestfriend, Asiyah Hananah, passed away in an accident back then in 1997. and upon hearing all these sad news happening to the people around me, i cant help but to ponder and pause, what if its my turn to go? *touch wood. wud people around me know that i love them? wud the people that i used to love know what i treasure every moments i spent with them? wud the people that ive hurt know what i really didnt mean to do so? wud they even forgive me? true, there are so many uncertainties in life, but friendship, while it lasts, is certain. friends, while they still are, are certains. even life itself, while it's still there, is certain as well. so i guess what im trying to say is, i'll try my best to tell the people around me that their existence in my life are highly appreciated and treasured by me. and since its the Friendship Day today, i wud like to wish all the few people reading this, a happy friendship day. with a little message of...

"so tell that someone that you love,
just what you're thinking of,
if tomorrow never comes"


*speechless. I don't want anyone close to me or who i love die. I don't want that experience, NO. Let me 'go' first then i will not have a day without them who i love.

Happy Friendship Day.
P/S: everyone loves u.

Reading your blog.. Feeling emo B4 this, read this post makes me wanna cry.. Never really knw u that well I suppose but Hun, I love you.. If *touchWood* anything were to happen to you, Im going to take 1st flight to wherever you are and gonna scream out loud at your ear, you got shock n u gonna wake up!!!!!!

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