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Atas katil. Belum mandi.

Roommate aku tengah mandi. Biarlah dia mandi dulu.
Dia memang jenis mandi lama.

So ini kali pertama aku jejakkan kaki ke bumi Segamat.
SELEPAS 5 tahun.
Rindu jugak dengan tempat ni. Banyak memori.
Tiba-tiba memori daun pisang tu semua menerpa sekaligus, slide by slide.
3 tahun aku kat sini 2002-2005 dekat Uitm, macam-macam memori ada.
Gaduh sampai kena buang kolej, repeat paper, tiru time finals, kena kacau hantu, dan paling best kefemesan aku sebagai player (tak betul sebenarnya, aku dulu pemalu dan pendiam).

Hotel yg aku stay ni pun aku rasa dulu takde.
Tapi terbaik jugakla. Ada free wifi, sebelah kanan restoran ikan bakar, sebelah kiri tempat urut. Cantik kan? Korang kalau datang sini boleh la stay kat Neo Pegasus ni.

Ok aku nak iron baju utk program office kitorang esok kat sini.
Mungkin mlm ni nak jalan-jalan dekat-dekat sini dengan budak-budak opis dan pastu singgah sama ada ke kiri atau kanan hotel ni. Mana-mana la yang menarik :p

And kawan aku still belum habis mandi.

My last post was in August?

Gile lah. It's almost 3 months I've abandoned this blog.
Kesian dia. *usap kepala blogspot.

Maybe aku ni jenis yang cepat boring kot.
Semua benda pun aku nak buat, tapi barai.
Blogspot lah, tumblr lah, formspring lah, tapi tak terjaga.
Even facebook pun aku dah masuk sekadar menjamah je.

Gotta blame Twitter for this.

Ok cargas dulu.
Jumpa lagi 4 bulan akan datang. :D

Some pictures of the recent flood that hit Sibu last weekend.
The biggest so far this year. There wasn't much rain, but due to the Rajang River's overflow.
Luckily it has subsided now. Most businesses were badly affected.

sampan. the best ride for this kind of situation.

my apartment. :/

What you see above is not a war aftermath, nor a tornado after effect, but merely a freak storm that hit a food bazaar in Jasin, Melaka, yesterday. The bizarre storm that lasted only few minutes hit the stadium parking lot in Melaka when the hawkers were preparing and opening their stalls for the Ramadhan bazaar.

An elderly was killed on the spot after it was believed the tent that was flown up by the storm hit him in the head, while the other two died at the hospital, believed to be caused by head injuries as well.

18 others including a pregnant woman were injured.

Below is another amateur video that recorded the storm:

This shows how fragile human lives are. Al-Fatihah to the deceased and condolences to the families.

Jam menunjukkan tepat 8 malam.

Aku capai songkok atas almari baju dan terus menyarung selipar Quiksilver yang dah lusuh dan bertanah.

Sejurus selepas aku melepasi pintu pagar masjid, azan Isyak dialunkan, memanggil sekalian umat Islam untuk menuju kemenangan.

"Fuh sempat lagi"

Kaki kanan dianjakkan melewati bendul pintu masjid. Anak-anak kecil berlari keluar masuk.
Ah saf masih kosong. Masjid sebesar ini, walau hanya 4 saf yang penuh, tetap terasa ramai.

Sang Bilal memanggil kami. Sang Imam mengajak kami ke saf.
Agak panas cuaca malam ini, peluh ku menitik setitis dua.

Selesai 4 yang wajib itu, aku duduk menanti yang sunat pula.

Sedang fikiran masih merewang, terdengar:


Ahh. Aku kaku. Betapa rindunya aku kepada ungkapan itu.
Setahun menunggu, dan wirid terawih itu telah membuktikan, telah memastikan, yang Ramadhan tiba lagi.

Dan aku harap aku akan terus dapat mendengar wirid itu, sehingga ke malam yang pengakhir. Insha Allah.


It's August again. And it's our Independence Month again.

Let us all raise our Jalur Gemilang flag for this whole month long, as a sign of patriotism and love to our beloved nation. Let's just put aside all the differences, make it skin color, language or political parties, let's just unite under the Malaysian flag.

Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku.

Yeah, like the rest of you, I sometimes depend on some comic strips as a medium for stress reliever, or just to kill times. I have a few favourite comic strips, namely Dilbert, Pickles, Shoes and Cyanide & Happiness. While I can always read Pickles and Shoes in the cartoon section inside The Star, sometimes I don't mind the trouble of surfing the web for my occasional dosage of Dilbert and Cyanide & Happiness.

But recently, I came across a comic strip that caught my attention instantly. Unlike the other comic strips I mentioned above, that have distinguished characters with names, physical attributions with range of topics, this comic strip lets the reader roam freely using their own creativity and imagination but still chained with the idea the artist would like to portray. And the best part is, the hero of this comic strip is something or someone that I can relate a lot. At least with my current situation.

This comic strip basically lingers around with the story of a guy, (many think it's the real reflection of the artist) who chases his dream girl, who is, oddly his good friend for 10 years. It's a good combination of mixed feelings when reading this strip as it has humour, sarcasm, witty quotes, sweet wordings and even vulgar/crude drawings. It also shows a man's determination in winning a girl's heart even though it's highly unlikely that the girl would feel the same as she is currently with someone and only sees the first guy as a friend. (now THAT's the part I can always relate to)

So, here goes, I present to you . Dont forget to read the strips from March 2006 and read from bottom first.

Here are some of my favourite strips, as a sneak preview. Kudos to the artist, Mr Jeroen :)

It's 9:00pm now in Malaysia. Which means we are only 1 hour away to the kick-off.
Finally the long awaited British football is here again.

So for some heads up, here's some facts about today's Community Shield match between Chelsea and Manchester United.

Let's rekindle the rivalry, shall we, Devils? :D

Yup. Now you can 'Like' any of my posts that interest you. Thanks to the Facebook Like Widget I just installed. How more vain can I get, right? :)

Go ahead, give it a try.

Can't really recall when was the last time I kicked some ball. I think it was months ago, if my memory serves me well. So when my colleagues started to play street soccer at our office's compound, I guess I could try to kick a ball or two. Have to thank the World Cup tho for changing the current sports of these guys back to football. It's all seasonal as I can see it. From badminton to pingpong and thank God it's back to football, the only game that I am fond with and can play wholeheartedly.

Just like how I sprained my heart earlier on, the analogy can be applied almost the same to how I sprained my ankle. Well, it's been awhile since I confessed my feelings to someone, and by overdoing it, I sprained my heart after being rejected. Likewise, dribbling the ball as if I was born for it, after ages of doing so, I stumbled and sprained my ankle in the process.

And I know both incidents may cause me some pain, but I know it will soon be gone and I believe there are no bad experience in life, only lessons. :)

This path. This road. This choice.
They are all oh so familiar.

I've been on this path before.
I've been on this road before.
I've taken this choice before.
I've seen myself hurt before.

The pain is not inevitable, it can be avoided.
The wounds are not inescapable, they are self-inflicted.

But why am I still holding on?
Why do I still keep the hoping on?
It's so apparent that the future is bleak
It's so obvious that the gap is big

Just maybe.
Because of this quote:

I think part of the reason why we hold on to something so tight is because we fear something so great won’t happen twice

A mighty pain to love it is,
And 'tis a pain that pain to miss;
But of all pains, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain.

Abraham Cowley

It may take us no time to get here, but you're already my favourite for a lot of things.

My favourite hello, and my favourite goodbye,
My favourite laugh, and my favourite smile,
My favourite truth, and my favourite lie,
My favourite frown, and my favourite cry.

My favourite hugs, and my favourite kiss,
My favourite fight, and my favourite tease,
My favourite reason to write a song and sing,
My favourite reason to wait for the phone to ring.

Of all life's impossible dreams, you are my favourite,
I will keep on hoping, tho your love is unrequited,
Of all life's better future, you are my favorite waiting,
Of all things that might hurt me, you're my favourite suffering.

Did I drive you away?

I know what you’ll say,

You say, “Oh, sing one we know,”

But I promise you this,

I’ll always look out for you,

That’s what I’ll do.

I say “oh,”

I say “oh.”

My heart is yours,

It’s you that I hold on to,

That’s what I do,

And I know I was wrong,

But I won’t let you down,

(Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah I will, yes I will…)

I say “oh,”

I cry “oh.”

Yeah I saw sparks,

Yeah I saw sparks,

And I saw sparks,

Yeah I saw sparks,

Sing it out.

well someone forwarded this email to me. not sure why it's been circulated now, instead of before the World Cup kicked off. prolly because Germany has made it this far I think. whatever it is, i hope it's as powerful as the Paul the Octopus' predictions or Mick Jagger's jinx. enjoys!

Subject: World Cup-who will win

If Germany goes thru to the finals, U know who to bet on.

This world cup is already determined by the numbers...

Brazil won the World Cup in 1994; before that they also won in 1970.
Adding1970 + 1994 = 3964

Argentina won its last World Cup in 1986; before that they also won in
1978. Adding 1978 + 1986 = 3964

Germany won its last World Cup in 1990; before that they also won in 1974.
Adding 1974 + 1990 = 3964

Brazil also won the World Cup in 2002; before that they also won in 1962.
Adding 1962+ 2002 = 3964

Therefore if you want to know what nation is going to win the World Cup in
2010, you only have to subtract 2010 from the magic number that we have
determined: 3964. 3964 - 2010 = 1954...

In 1954 the World Cup was won by Germany !!!

Probably not scientific .. but pretty interesting

So, the much anticipated, dubbed as the greatest show on earth, has finally begun. The much awaited World Cup kickstarted last Friday with the host, South Africa drew 1-1 against Mexico, with subsequent matches went on smoothly and incident-free. (Unless if you would like to call Robert Green's blunder as an incident, of course).

I see World Cup as the time for so many things.

I think it's the time for the citizens of the world to be united, focusing on the 18 carat gold-covered trophy. Attention will be all be shifted to the first African country to host such an event. Apart from the complaints from the non-vuvuzela's blower, that the African horns are giving them 'much distraction' and 'annoying', as well as the constant cases of national players' rooms got broke into, I think South Africa is doing well in hosting the event. The stadiums they have would put Wembley's to shame on any day.

It's also the time for companies all around the world to join the bandwagon of this football madness to associate their products/services with World Cup. And in tandem with that, FIFA too has hired spies from all around the world, monitoring any companies that use their Logo, FIFA, or World Cup name without their official license and permission. Easy money right.

This is also the time where supporters will stand by their nation, with such spirit and pride. Yup even those people who dont know what football is or how do they play it, will be fans. And for the people from the countries who aren't qualified (like us Msians), all we can do is rooting for other countries.

I think it's also the time for guys to have some reasons to neglect, abandon, ignore their gfs, fiances, spouses, wives, even food or work, when the matches are aired. For girls who decide to tag along, not only they can learn about the game one thing or two, but they also get to feast their eyes with the good looking players on tv. And for those who think otherwise, there will be more times to go out and have some all-girl outings whilst the boys are watching the matches.

But as for me, I dont know. Not a fan of World Cup's to be honest. The leagues, particularly the EPL are the ones that fill my cup, no doubt. But, just to be part of the craze, I'm rooting for Germany, Spain and Argentina this year, no particular order on that. And frankly, for me World Cup is a good bookmark, a sound yardstick to mark the points of life I'm living.

I remember watching the 1994 WC in USA, and I was in Standard Four (10 years old)
Next, 1998 in France, I already entered high school. (14 years old, Form 2)
2002 in Korea/Japan, I was 18 years old, doing my Diploma in Johore
2006 in Germany, I was doing my degree in Malacca.

And now 2010, I'm already 26 and working. See, each WC marks a phase in my journey of life. I dont really recall nor enjoy the whole show but it's always fun to take a pause in life and look back at all those bookmarks in my life diary.

Next up, the WC 2014, and I will be 30 years old. I wonder in what phase I'm going to be by that time. A happily-married man perhaps?

Whatever it is, let's just enjoy the show. :)

picture from

So when a friend on Twitter shared a link regarding a tragic accident involving a Myvi, a Vios and a lorry, i thought it was just another sad case of speeding and (most likely) drunk driving. The Myvi alongside with it's driver were burnt into crisp, beyond recognition. (You can read the article here:

But when that friend shared another link (a facebook note, which has been removed when I checked this afternoon), the incident turned to be worse than tragic. The owner of the facebook note explained in details how he witnessed everything in front of his eyes. How he saw the burning Myvi and the female driver who was pinned, crying for help. Being a good Samaritan, he drove off to the nearby BHP Petrol Station to borrow any fire extinguisher from the station to put off the fire.

SADLY, the two BHP workers (foreign, suspected Bangladeshis) refused to lend the fire extinguishers to the guy, with the reason of the doors are locked and they cant simply give them away.

Yes, apparently their fire extinguishers were more valuable than a human's life.

I understand why they kept the fire extinguishers inside their premise. That is what I recommended to my dealers too after so many cases of the fire extinguishers were stolen during night shifts. But again, when someone was in a need of it, a little bit of humane and understanding wont hurt right. I'm feeling sorry for the girl, but i feel sorry the most for the good Samaritan who tried so hard to help a stranger. I could feel that he would be having some sleepless nights over this. He was so close, but still so far.

And for the Bangladeshi? They will just continue their days as usual and perhaps being sent home for some times before coming back.

You've been chasing that certain woman for weeks, maybe even months. She rarely calls you, she flirts with other guys, but you continue to hope that one day she'll come around. How do you know when to finally throw in the towel?

The hugely popular book He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys has virtually become the dating bible for women; it clearly outlines the signs that men give off when they are not interested. But don't bother running out and buying yourself a copy just yet. When the situation is reversed and it comes to reading a woman's signals, the indicators can be very different.

The following 9 signs are all giveaways that she is not interested in you. With a quick perusal of the list below, you should be in a good position to decipher when to continue your pursuit and when to walk away with your dignity intact.

So read on to put her behavior into perspective and figure out once and for all if she's just not into you.

1. She says she's not ready for a relationship
Ah, the classic escape route; women often use this one when they feel cornered by someone they are not interested in. It's clean, requires no preparation and leaves no room for a counterargument. But if a woman says this to you, what she really means is that she does not want to be in a relationship with you. For whatever reason, she doesn't see you as relationship material for her, so don't stick around hoping she will be ready someday. She might get into a relationship eventually, but it probably won't be with you.

2. You're always the one calling her and/or she doesn't return your phone calls
Watch out: She may be avoiding you. And if she's not avoiding you, you are not on her mind and she simply forgot. Either way, this means that she has less invested than you do and doesn't care enough to actively seek out your company.

Here's a rule of thumb: If she doesn't return your first call, call a second time, as she may be playing hard-to-get. If she doesn't return your second call, you can rightly conclude that she's not into you. (Do allow a certain amount of leeway on this point; women have been told by umpteen dating books to let the man do the pursuing. She should be calling you at least once for every three times you call her.)

3. She avoids eye contact and physical proximity
This is an obvious sign that many men overlook. If she is attracted to you, she will naturally want to be close to you and make eye contact. If she is evading your gaze, however, she may be consciously trying to avoid leading you on and having to turn down your advances later. It's a sneaky little trick, but it usually works. Take it as a sign that you're not her type. If she keeps you at arm's length at all times, she may also be protecting her personal space, so make sure you don't get too close.

4. She mentions other guys she finds attractive
No, she's probably not trying to make you jealous -- unless we are dealing with an ex-girlfriend, a situation that belongs in another category altogether. Most likely, though, you are in the "friend zone," which means that you are just like one of her girlfriends that she shares her thoughts with. Ergo, it has never even crossed her mind to date you. Not good.

5. She tries to set you up with another woman
She might do this because, like in signal No. 4, it never crossed her mind to date you. Alternatively, she might do this because she likes you as a friend but wants to make certain you don't hit on her. Either way, the message is clear: She definitely doesn't want you for herself.

6. She doesn't laugh at your jokes
If she is consistently stone-faced when you crack jokes, then you can conclude two important things. First, she doesn't find your sense of humor engaging, and second, she doesn't like you enough to bother to pretend otherwise. Here's a shocker: Whether or not she laughs at your jokes doesn't necessarily have to do with whether or not she finds them funny. Laughing is a form of flirting, and if she isn't doing it, you can be pretty sure her mind isn't on you.

7. She is always vague about making plans
If she really wants to see you, she'll make firm plans. If she doesn't want to see you or doesn't care one way or another, you can be pretty sure that she's not into you. If she is vague about making plans, it probably means that she is neutral about being in your company, or even worse, that she doesn't want to commit in case something better comes up. Ouch.

8. She regularly cancels plans with you
Let me break it to you gently: You are the fall guy, the "just in case she doesn't have anything better to do" guy. It is certainly fair to cancel plans occasionally for a legitimate reason, but if she bails consistently, ditch her, even as a friend. If she does this, it not only shows that she's not interested, but that she holds little respect for you at all. Move on, and do it quickly.

9. Her description of the perfect man sounds nothing like you
She tells you she wants a Mediterranean man who can dance salsa. You are Swedish and can only square dance. I know -- women rarely stick to what they say are the perfect traits they are looking for in a man. And indeed, she may actually end up with a square-dancing Swede, but in all likelihood, it won't be with you. Take this as a kind hint on her part that you, for whatever reason, are not her perfect man.

If she exhibits one of the above signs, it doesn't bode well for your cause. If she exhibits two to three of these signs, you can be pretty certain that she's not interested. If you are noticing more than three of the above signs, listen carefully, because it's never going to happen.

I know from experience that an unreciprocated crush can be a big blow to one's self-esteem. So do yourself a favor and don't prolong the inevitable. If, after reading the above list, you can gather that she isn't going to respond to your advances, put yourself out of your misery -- just cut your losses and move on. Repeat this mantra to yourself until it sticks: She's just not into you.

taken from

Exactly a week ago, I was basically feeling all weak and feverish. Badan aku panas, sakit tekak, batuk and flu. Pergi Klinik Chu and got my medications. The very next day, things got worse. Tekak aku super loya, kepala super pening, badan super lemah. Aku dah imagine AH1N1 or ILI. For the whole day aku mkn 2 bites of roti bakar je. Serious takde selera. Took 2 blood tests, satu from private lab, satu dekat Govt Hosp. Tangan aku penuh bintik2 merah. KONFIRM DENGGI.

Colleague bawak aku pergi Hosp but luckily I wasnt admitted. Platelet was ok, 260. PCV and Hemogoblin ada problem. Kazen aku ckp if Platelet bawah 150, bahaya. If bawah 100, memang kena admit. Alhamdulillah semua ok. Tp badan still tak larat.

Wednesday. Went for another blood test. Feeling better, slightly. Aku dah boleh habiskan satu mangkuk mee pagi tu. Results were out. Doing better, feeling better. But still weak lah. Went home and rested.

Fast forward to weekends. Balik KL. Aku rasa semua dah back to normal. Cuma batuk je tak baik lagi. Pastu nafas agak pendek. Overall aku dah ok kot.

Now it's Monday. Aku blogging sambil tunggu colleague to pick me up for our meeting in Seremban. It feels good to be alive :)

2.33am. Parkcity Everly Hotel, Bintulu.

Im typing this whilst listening to my colleague snoring. Just got back from the hotel lounge and man, I'm starting to like Bintulu already. After 2 years in Sarawak, this is my first time being here, thanks to the regional meeting we had today. And to my surprise, Bintulu has lots more to offer than I imagined. Surely my time here was stint, but I'm liking what I see/experience thus far. Gotta say it's better than Sibu. Or at par. I don't know, I hate comparing. But yeah.

Other life's updates: Met few old school friends here, whom I last met 9 years ago. And one of them is getting married in June. Nice. Another reminder for me -_-'

But skipping all the nonsense, I'm actually in a bad shape now. Obviously not gonna reveal it here, but let's just say I foresee a fcking disaster is lurking somewhere, and next week is gonna be a long, tough, trying week for me.

I cant wait to update this blog again, fastforward to next Sunday where I just had so much fun watching Pitbull in concert and packing my bags to attend the meeting in Seremban on 17th.

Of all superpowers that I wished I had, I wish I can travel to times and correct whatever that I messed up few weeks ago, that leads into this pile of shit covering me.

Wish me luck, people, eventhough you wouldn't care less.
Night, Bintulu.
Night, world.

*throws battery charger to the snoring colleague and shuts down laptop.

So pagi tadi aku terdengar kat radio pasal benda ni. Then aku google and jumpa article ni dalam internet. Walaupun study ni dah buat last year, tp aku rasa still ok utk dikongsi dengan korang, kaki kaki carut semasa.

Menurut Encik Richard Stephens dari Keele University, England,

"It taps into emotional brain centers and appears to arise in the right brain, whereas most language production occurs in the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain”, he said to LiveScience.

"If people experience the emotion of fear to a significant degree … their pain tolerance increases," Mr Stephens said to ABC. "There seems to be something similar here. Swearing is emotional language. If it's not fear, it might be aggression."

Aku harap korang faham ape dia cakap sebab aku malas nak translate.
So menggunakan 67 student sebagai bahan uji kaji, dorang ni test bebudak ni dengan letakkan tangan bebudak ni dalam ais sejuk dan pada masa yg sama dorang dok mencarut-carut selama berjemaah tanpa henti-henti.

Lepas tu diulang balik perlakuan yang 'cool' itu tapi kali ni bebudak tu takleh mencarut, hanya boleh menggunakan bahasa biasa seperti 'pisang', 'kipas siling' atau 'pondok pak gad'.

Kesudahannya, bebudak ni dapat letak tangan dorang dalam ice tu lagi lama kalau mencarut, berbanding menggunakan bahasa biasa. Secara konklusi, pencarutan yang teratur dan teliti dapat meningkatkan toleransi manusia terhadap kesakitan dan meningkatkan heart rate, berbanding dengan tidak mencarut.

Jadi, lepas ni kalau jari anda tersepit kat pintu kereta, CARUTKAN AJEEE :)

p/s: jgn tunjuk budak-budak bawah 13 tahun artikel ni, nanti dorang dapat reference utk berhujah dengan parents atau cekgu di skolah.

taken from

Date: 2nd April, 2010
Venue: Studio Cafe, Wangsa Maju
Time: 9pm til the place owner chased us away.

Finally I got the chance of throwing my dream birthday party, people eating whilst listening to performance by my fellow celebrity-friends. I've been meaning to do that since last year and finally it came true this time around. Thanks to Studio Cafe. Even though it's no Planet Hollywood nor Hard Rock, but the ambience of that place pretty much suited my likings. And oh, the food was SCRUMPTIOUS!

I opened up the night with covers from Aizat (Lagu Kita), Neyo (Part of The List), Michael Buble (Havent Met You Yet) and One Republic (Come Home).

Initially there were 3 people agreed to perform on my birthday. But Ilya fell sick at the eleventh hour, and Cheng-cheng couldn't find the minus one for her songs, so I was left with Ema and myself to entertain the guests, which I thought was OK, since the turn ups wasn't that really encouraging.

But to my surprise and delight, Syai came up, and teamed up with Fauzan, Rafiq and 2 of their friends and boom, they conquered the stage, mic and the hearts of many. Superb spontaneous renditions of Careless Whisper and Belaian Jiwa, with powerful voice from Zhafran and great vocal back ups from the rest. I thought to myself, the night is going to be great.

Next up, Lynnz and Zira took the spotlight (which was impromptu as well) and sang Manisnya Senyummu by Elite and their own song, Asmara. I somehow wished the 2 third of Senoritas who was also the VIMA 2010 winner for Best Pop Group, sang their Malay cover of 'Wondergirls - Nobody'. Hehe

Next, it was Ema Hashim, the up and rising songwriter-cum-singer, melting the crowd with her sultry voice and smooth guitar playing. Her rendition of Use Somebody was definitely my favorite. And the audience also got the chance to hear her own number.

Syai took up the mic, singing Gigi's Terbang before Lokman finally gave up to the constant pressure from Elen and me and went up to the stage. Frankly speaking I'd never thought he would. I've always been a fan of him since the One In A Million and his single 'Namun Engkau Tahu' is one of the best! Lokman sportingly took the guitar and sang L.O.V.E and his own song called 'Perempuan', drooling the ladies in the crowd.

And the surprise of the night surely came in a small package. Siti Sarah, my childhood friend came to the party, despite being late, and went up to the stage and sang Happy Birthday song to me, in her own style. :)

All in all, I had a FABULOUS time and would like to thank all of you who came. Thanks for the presents, the well wishers and ultimately to all the performers. YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST :)


Cute aint it?
Yesterday (7th April) is the International Beaver Day. According to

The Beavers, Wetlands and Wildlife Organization is trying to show people how important beavers really are, and the group has produced an educational DVD and sent 1,000 copies to teachers all over the state of New York.

One member says the beaver is one of the most important wild animals for a number of reasons. First, because they build dams and prevent flooding. And second, because beavers protect us from greenhouse gas emissions
So hope you guys hugged all the beavers you came across yesterday. Hehe.

Not forgetting, 7th April was also the World Health Day. So yaw, kick off the smoking habits and head up to the treadmill yaw! :)

oh simple things.
where have you gone?

i'm getting older i need something to rely on.

will be celebrating my birthday alone tonight.
but no worries, im going back to KL tomorrow!

yippi ka yay!

p/s: truthfully, i just discovered those words today. hailstorm and hailstones. hehe see, how poor is my vocab? :)

anyway, the news about the hailstorm hitting KL (in Damansara and Mont Kiara) were fast circulating via Twitter this evening, with a Tweetphoto of it (damn i didnt know how to save a pic from there -_-). and u can also read the news here.

Malaysia Meteorological Department forecasting director Saw Bun Liong said hailstorms occasionally happen in Malaysia, but usually the pellets are very small and fall in a localised area.

“Some clouds can build until they are very high in the atmosphere. At certain altitudes, the cold will cause the water droplets to freeze and form ice.

“When it rains, the pellets fall down too fast to melt, causing hailstones,” Saw said.

and this happened just days after the same phenomena hit Perth, with the hailstones were reported to be as big as golf balls.

geez. i guess the mother nature is one super pissed off lady now. whatever it is,

hujan emas di negeri orang
best lagi hujan ice batu kat negeri sendiri.


hello blog.

it's 2.00am and I'm still wide awake.
feeling a wee bit sleepy but there's an urge for me to update my life.
not necessarily for anyone to read or take notice.
but just to jot down whatever is happening, for my own future readings.

nothing much happened this weekend.
it's been awhile since i last spent my weekend in Sibu.
it's been months I think.
nothing extravagant occurred, just the same routine. house chores, laundry, car wash, watching live bands and all those insignificant shits.

perhaps one event worth mentioning was just the match between MU and Liverpool just now.
Healvia and her cabin crew guy friends had their night stop here in Sibu, so I brought them out and we watched the live match at this one restaurant with big screen. that was my first. since I have my astro at home, i rarely go out to watch football.
Sibu is not KL. we dont have mapleys here. even that restaurant that we went, closed operation just right after we left, which was about 11.30-ish. lame kan?
and oh, chelsea drew with fcking blackburn.
that left us 3rd in the title race. and all the MU and Arsenal fans will be celebrating that for sure.

so i guess thats about it for now.
and oh, al-fatihah to Yanie Mentor, who passed away just now for lung tumor.
another loss to our music industry.

rest in peace now, Yanie

Ni aku copy bulat-bulat dari NST Online:

PUTRAJAYA: Gladys Tan Yee Kim from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Green Road, Kuching, Sarawak is the best student and Sekolah Menengah Sains Seremban, Negeri Sembilan as the best school for SPM 2009.
Education director-general Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom made the announcement here, today on the top 10 best student and best schools for SPM 2009.

The other nine best students are:

  • Grace Kiew Sze-Ern (SMK (P) Sri Aman, Petaling Jaya, Selangor);
  • Khadijah Ahmad Jais (SM Agama Persekutuan Labu, Negeri Sembilan);
  • Akmal Hidayat Sabri (SMK Derma, Kangar, Perlis);
  • Syamilah Mahali (Kolej Tunku Kurshiah Seremban, Negeri Sembilan);
  • Lee Wei Ling (SMK Taman Melawati, Selangor);
  • Nur Syuhadah Muhamad (SM Sains Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra, Kota Bharu, Kelantan);
  • Lai Yin Kwin (SMK Tinggi Melaka, Melaka);
  • Corinne Gunn Huey Min (SMK Taman Melawati, Selangor);
  • and Hu May Khei (SMK Convent, Taiping, Perak).

While the other nine best schools are:

  • Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah, Klang, Selangor;
  • Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Gombak, Kuala Lumpur;
  • Sekolah Tun Fatimah, Johor Bahru, Johor
  • Sekolah Menengah Sains Alam Shah, Kuala Lumpur;
  • Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Rawang, Selangor;
  • Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar, Johor;
  • Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Temerloh, Pahang;
  • SMK Infant Jesus Convent, Johor Bahru, Johor
  • and Kolej Tunku Kurshiah Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Congrats to the students and schools.
To bebudak STAR: Weh ape cite nih?

aku tak tipu. korang bole type sendiri. mmg ini yang akan keluar.


its been centuries since i updated my blog.
its been a hectic journey. tiring yes, but fun too.

so as i bade my farewell to the fabulous february, i also greeted hello to all the new people i met, planned or by chance. im not sure what did my horoscope say, but february filled up with new things. new places, new faces.

took the advantage of coming back to KL, and stepped my feet for the first time to Barsonic on Friday night, before headed to Werner's the next day, also for the first time.

even-though february has the shortest days in the year, it come short in terms of fun, i gotta say. easily one of the most balanced month ever. with the fun, but with also the job related stress, as everybody was chasing their KPIs and prove their worth to the management. so was I. :)

but that didnt stop me from having uber times of my own. february also broke my personal records, as the most beaches visited in a month. (lame record i know hehe)
the month started when i was in KK, then went to Kuching, and Langkawi. not forgetting to Miri in March. that might answer the 'hey why are you getting darker' questions

whatever it is, goodbye fabulous february.
march is giving me hell thus far, boo you march

Hari ni
Aku rasa macam nak hilang.

Nak hilang dari semua orang
Nak hilang dari korang korang
Nak pergi tempat takde orang kenal
Buat salah pun, takkan ada rasa kesal
Tempat ni buat aku rasa sesak
Perut senak, tekak muak

Aku sebenarnya macam dah letih
Ingatkan dah berjalan, tapi masih bertatih
Dah cuba berlari, tapi tak sampai-sampai
Dah cuba berenang, masih terkapai-kapai

Ini hidup aku, aku yang kena urus
Tapi aku mcm tak bole fikir dengan lurus
Benda kecik, nampak besar
Benda halus, nampak kasar

Mungkin aku perlukan sokongan
Mungkin bantuan, mungkin pertolongan
Yang tengah memberi memang ada
Tapi aku tak tau sampai bila

Sebab mak penah cakap, orang akan berubah
Hari ni baik, esok hilang dah
Walaupun aku benci nak mengaku
Aku rasa aku pun kadang-kadang macam tu

Aku bukan nak perhatian seratus peratus
Kan aku dah cakap, aku takleh fikir lurus
Cukuplah dengan orang berbisik kat aku dan pesan
'Takyah hilangkan diri, kitorang kan ada, kawan-kawan'


just a quick update. happy chinese new year to those celebrating it, and happy belated valentine's day too. it was a nice 4-day holiday. went up to Kuching on Saturday, driving for 5 hours listening to scratched cds (yay) in the rain, got to meet up few friends in Kuching, went to the beach in Damai on Sunday, got back on Monday after another 5 hour driving and the same scratched cds, spent the day after with practically nothing productive at all, and today been working my ass off for tomorrow's audit. yikes!

wish me luck.

and oh, the champs league is back. hurah.
toodle do!

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