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hello blog.

it's 2.00am and I'm still wide awake.
feeling a wee bit sleepy but there's an urge for me to update my life.
not necessarily for anyone to read or take notice.
but just to jot down whatever is happening, for my own future readings.

nothing much happened this weekend.
it's been awhile since i last spent my weekend in Sibu.
it's been months I think.
nothing extravagant occurred, just the same routine. house chores, laundry, car wash, watching live bands and all those insignificant shits.

perhaps one event worth mentioning was just the match between MU and Liverpool just now.
Healvia and her cabin crew guy friends had their night stop here in Sibu, so I brought them out and we watched the live match at this one restaurant with big screen. that was my first. since I have my astro at home, i rarely go out to watch football.
Sibu is not KL. we dont have mapleys here. even that restaurant that we went, closed operation just right after we left, which was about 11.30-ish. lame kan?
and oh, chelsea drew with fcking blackburn.
that left us 3rd in the title race. and all the MU and Arsenal fans will be celebrating that for sure.

so i guess thats about it for now.
and oh, al-fatihah to Yanie Mentor, who passed away just now for lung tumor.
another loss to our music industry.

rest in peace now, Yanie


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