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its been centuries since i updated my blog.
its been a hectic journey. tiring yes, but fun too.

so as i bade my farewell to the fabulous february, i also greeted hello to all the new people i met, planned or by chance. im not sure what did my horoscope say, but february filled up with new things. new places, new faces.

took the advantage of coming back to KL, and stepped my feet for the first time to Barsonic on Friday night, before headed to Werner's the next day, also for the first time.

even-though february has the shortest days in the year, it come short in terms of fun, i gotta say. easily one of the most balanced month ever. with the fun, but with also the job related stress, as everybody was chasing their KPIs and prove their worth to the management. so was I. :)

but that didnt stop me from having uber times of my own. february also broke my personal records, as the most beaches visited in a month. (lame record i know hehe)
the month started when i was in KK, then went to Kuching, and Langkawi. not forgetting to Miri in March. that might answer the 'hey why are you getting darker' questions

whatever it is, goodbye fabulous february.
march is giving me hell thus far, boo you march


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