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p/s: truthfully, i just discovered those words today. hailstorm and hailstones. hehe see, how poor is my vocab? :)

anyway, the news about the hailstorm hitting KL (in Damansara and Mont Kiara) were fast circulating via Twitter this evening, with a Tweetphoto of it (damn i didnt know how to save a pic from there -_-). and u can also read the news here.

Malaysia Meteorological Department forecasting director Saw Bun Liong said hailstorms occasionally happen in Malaysia, but usually the pellets are very small and fall in a localised area.

“Some clouds can build until they are very high in the atmosphere. At certain altitudes, the cold will cause the water droplets to freeze and form ice.

“When it rains, the pellets fall down too fast to melt, causing hailstones,” Saw said.

and this happened just days after the same phenomena hit Perth, with the hailstones were reported to be as big as golf balls.

geez. i guess the mother nature is one super pissed off lady now. whatever it is,

hujan emas di negeri orang
best lagi hujan ice batu kat negeri sendiri.



i was nearby, takde pon. betul ke?

yup. u can read the link i inserted. that was from thestar online.

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