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Betul la orang ckp the best plan is no plan at all.

Aku plan pergi KK wknd ni (semalam dan harini) just nak pergi pool party yg si Erfie organize, and the rest of it aku just biarkan je as I'm pretty much ok with anything.

So semalam sampai-sampai KK terus check in hotel (walaupun tunggu berejam utk tunggu bilik siap dihousekeeping), then gerak One Borneo, tengok Alvin, Cado, Luscious perform utk road tour ape tah (aku tak denga to tak kenal DJ-DJ dorang), and mereka mereka ini adalah penyanyi yg super hebat, especially Alvin. Cayalah bah. Buli ba kalau kau.

Then mlm terus pergi pool party tu. Walaupun attendance agak tak memberangsangkan, tp the food, drinks, music were great. Pas pool party, gerak karaoke sampai pukul 2.30pagi. Sampai tekak nak terkeluar ikut idung. But it was equally fun la.

Sunday, bgn awal. Plan arini nak pergi pulau. Mandi dan snorkeling. Dan ambil gambar. Uyeah.
Pergi 3 pulau. Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik dan Pulau Sulug. First time snorkeling. Jakun tahap rusa. Tengok ikan macam-macam kaler. Tengok batu karang yang bukan penyakit. Kasi ikan makan. Kene gigit ikan. Nampak ikan muka macam Amy Winehouse. Menarik!

Sampai daratan je baru sedar byk luka2 kecil. Kulit dah pedih sbb berjemur mcm ikan masin. Lapar, then pergi makan seafood super murah dekat Pasar Filipin. Sedap.

Then naik flight pukul 7. Sampai umah. Kemas2, unpack2, check fb, twitter. Blog sikit2.
Esok ah aku upload gamba. Penat.
Then aku tido.

p/s: Terima kasih setinggi Gunung Kinabalu kat Cheng2 yg jadi peneman terbaik di kk. Uyeh

so this is my #30 post this month.
already 2 more than the whole posts last year.
and in 2008, i only posted 8 posts for the whole year.

so i guess this is the only wishlist or so-called 2010 resolutions that ive happily achieved.

i remember setting (or resetting) these resolutions early this year.

  1. exercise more
  2. eat more vege
  3. develop new hobby
  4. travel more.
  5. do more savings (quite contradict with no.4 right :p)
  6. use only 1 credit card
  7. be a better employee
  8. find a gf
  9. adopt a baby giraffe
  10. blog more
well its still the beginning of the year. whilst the other resolutions seem to be just another impossible targets, at least ive achieved one.

so kira ok la kan :)

Yes you heard that right. City's record signing, Robinho was loaned to 'the club that made him a star when he was a teenager', Santos of Brazil.

Manager Roberto Mancini said: "Robinho is someone who needs to be playing regularly and we wish him well for the period of his loan."

Yeah right. We all know he's just a surplus in the star-studded team. From Real Madrid to Spurs for a record of £32 million and been unsettled ever since. And now will be plying for Santos, a little-known club in Brazil. Phew lucky Chelsea didn't sign him up. He will be such a waste. :)

On the other hand, Spurs have confirmed to sign ex-Chelsea and Barca striker, Eidur Gudjohnsen from Monaco for loan till the end of the season. Well then the striker is back in London city, but wearing a different jersey :)

date | 30th January 2010
time | 5.30pm - 10.30pm
venue | promenade hotel, kota kinabalu

fee | rm50 (entitle to all-you-can-eat-ice-cream & snacks)

see you mofos there!

January 25th 2010 was the date that everyone was looking forward to: The launch of the Mercedes GP Petronas racecar livery, in Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

"The event opened with a welcome speech by Dr. Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars before Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg unveiled the new Silver Arrows livery for the 2010 season on last year’s car. The team’s 2010 car, the MGP W01, will make its track debut at the first Formula One test in Valencia on Monday 1 February, with the 2010 Formula One season starting in Bahrain on 14 March"

And yesterday, 28th January, the new Mercedes GP PETRONAS F1 Team Car was revealed to the Malaysian public at KLCC (I don't have the pictures tho).

Well, I was never a fan of F1's but with new partnership between Mercedes Benz and our national oil company, Petronas, now I'm taking consideration. Plus Schumi is on the team. Cmon, it's Schumi. So, let's see if this world's greatest F1 driver still got his magic touch in winning the F1 Championships this year.


had a super tiring day.
spent 4 hours trip back and forth to mukah for business and got home soaking wet.
had my rejuvenating hot shower and it's still pouring outside.
tmrow is already Friday.
will fly off to KK the day after to hv some uber good times.

current feeling?


Chelsea regained their top post at the Barclays Premiership League last night after beating Birmingham 3-0, at home soil. Not only regaining the top post from Arsenal and MU, we also ended Birmingham City's 15 matches unbeaten run, thanks to a goal from Malouda, and a brace from Super Frankie.

With one game in hand, we took the full advantage of Arsenal's draw against Aston Villa last night, and we are one point clear above Manchester United scums.

Next game will be against the faded Burnley, with the return of Didier Drogba will be a plus point to the already powerful eleven.


been trying like umpteen layouts for the past 4 hours,
from one site to another
from one layout to another
from one theme to another

trying to get my hands on the html coding but failed miserably

and for now i'm gonna settle with this one
too sleepy to bother

nite universe

babyface live in kl.

opening act | najwa
venue | plenary hall, kuala lumpur convention center
date | 5th march 2010
time | 8pm

tickets | rm453, 353, 253, 153
contact | axcess hotline 0377115000

brought to you by

"Kepala babi ditemui dilontarkan ke dalam perkarangan dua buah masjid sekitar Jalan Klang Lama, di ibu negara, hari ini.

Kepala babi berkenaan dijumpai di perkarangan masjid Taman Datuk Harun di Petaling Jaya dan Masjid Al-Imam Al-Tirmizi, Taman Seri Sentosa, Jalan Klang Lama." petikan dari Malaysian Insider

"Objek yang dibungkus dengan plastik putih berserta wang tunai sebanyak RM35 itu ditemui jemaah masjid selepas selesai menunaikan solat subuh.

Insiden yang sama turut berlaku di Taman Datuk Harun, dipercayai dilakukan kumpulan atau individu yang sama.

Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Musa Hassan yang melawat Masjid Imam At-Tirmizi hari ini meminta rakyat supaya bertenang dan tidak menimbulkan kekecohan berikutan kejadian itu." petikan dari Utusan Malaysia Online

Aku kata: This has to stop. Rumah ibadat bukan satu yang boleh di buat main. Someone is playing with the religion cards, terribly and I sure hope govt and the police force hunt down these culprits before things got worse. We'll never know what those ''Islamic extremists'' will do next to counter back. I hope not. For the sake of our country

So as our Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also the education minister, announced the 20 Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi (High Performance Schools) yesterday, I can't help but to feel shocked and sad at the same time, upon knowing my former school, Sekolah Tuanku Abd Rahman wasn't on the list.

It took me some times to digest that information and to bitterly swallow the truth, that our school is no longer perceived as one of the top schools in Malaysia. Sheer disappointment, indeed.

So here's the list:

10 Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (fully residential schools), and the rest are day schools. Reading up the list, our most bitter rival, MCKK is there. So are our fellow premier school brothers, SDAR and SAS. Not forgetting our favourite all-girl schools, TKC, STF and SSP. Inclusive of our school, these 7 schools share special bonds as the single-gender fully residential schools, with students are chosen from the best UPSR and PMR achievers from all around Malaysia.

Not to belittle the rest of the SBP schools, namely MOZAC, and SMSAH, but as I mentioned before, we share the same special bonding of being the single gender fully residential schools, and being the only school missing from the list, is surely not a good feeling.

As mentioned by Muhyiddin, these schools:
  • have attained outstanding academic achievements
  • created distinctive personalities
  • won national and international awards
  • formed relationships with institutions of higher learning
  • had a strong bond with communities
  • solid network with local and international schools
  • were a benchmark for other institutions inside and outside the country
And the perks?
  • each school will be allocated RM1 million annually.
  • given free rein as to how to spend the money
  • have the autonomy to innovate and improve the quality of their students
  • will also be free to allow bright students skip a grade
  • have flexibility in organising and managing their curriculum
  • allow them to hire staff based on performance, not seniority and pay/reward them based on performance
  • principals will be able to transfer out non-performing teachers and assign staff roles based on academic and non-academic functions
Even though I can take comfort with the facts that they are increasing the numbers to 30 next year, and 50 the year after, I still hope this will be a wake-up call to the teachers and staff of my beloved school, as it's time for us to examine what went wrong and it's time for us, the Old Boys to offer whatever assistance we have on our shelves.

And oh, congratulations to all the winners. :)

''Rouse up young Starians all"

10 years ago.

I was 16.
They said it's the honeymoon year.
Screw SPM, let's worry about that NEXT YEAR.
I was carefree.

I was 16.
Outreaching my hand to find love.
I seemed to fail everytime.

I was 16.
Being away from home.
Being away from family.

I was 16.
Trying hard to figure out what life was.
Wondered if true friendship really exists.

Fast forward to now.

Nothing seems to change.

Tak sampai 2 hari kita dikejutkan dengan berita mangkatnya Sultan Johor, DYMM Sultan Iskandar, dunia blog Malaysia dikejutkan pulak dengan blog Aduka Taruna yang terang-terang kutuk Almarhum dengan bahasa yang sangatlah biadap.

Aku tak tau apa grudge yang mamat ni ada towards Almarhum, tapi perkataan yg dia kuarkan tu agak tak sopan utk dikeluarkan, jangan kata terhadap Sultan, even terhadap sesama manusia biasa pun. After browsing thru blog dia ni, dia mengaku yg dia 'pemerhati bebas politik'. At first I thought that he's not on any side since semua party pun dia belasah. Dari UMNO, Nik Aziz, Hadi, Tun Mahathir, semua dia kutuk dalam blog dia. But I'm pretty sure he's supporting PAS as he's selling the PAS-REFORM tshirts on his blog. Mesti generasi muda PAS yang nak get rid of the current leaders, from my observation.

Tapi bab kutuk Almarhum Sultan Iskandar is something that overboard if you ask me. Nah sekarang eventho dia dah openly apologize to Malaysian citizens as a whole, I think it's pretty too late now.

Number facts. (at the time of writing)
387 responses to his apology post
22,692 total visitors at his blog today
3,331,349 total visitors to his blog
3,175 FB group members of 'Against Aduka Taruna'

Aku dengar yang polis dah buat siasatan. And that the guy is willing to turn himself in by next Wednesday, as he's preparing for his wedding. Aduh. Wrong timing betul.

Whatever it is, the damage is done. Not only he will face the wrath of the patriotic Johoreans, but also the police, the govt as well as the Sultan Johor royal families (including those underground mafias, if u know what i mean).

Sleepless nights for him. Kerana pulut, santan binasa. Kerana blog, badan binasa

Saturday afternoon.
Felt hungry. Took a shower.
Checked account balance. PAYDAY. Huray.

Packed the car. Planned to have some BigMac.
Listening and singing along to the radio.
Kris Allen's No Boundaries.

"So heree I ammm still holding onnn"

Driving 60km/j.

''They take youu by the haanddd and showw yo.."

*Oh, a small divider up front. Gotta swerve to the right. Easy.

Suddenly. BANG!

*Shit, i hit that divider! No, I ran thru it!

Kept on driving. Shut up Kris.
Turned the radio off.
Nothing peculiar. Should be ok.
Ah, MCD.

Searched for parking space. GODAMNIT. No freaking parking space!
Wait, something is wrong with my front left tyre. The one that hit the divider.
It's groggy and bumpy.
Not good. Gotta check.
Got down from car.

Panic attack. Who to call?

Called Dahari.
"Sorry, I'm at the hair salon now, will call you back soonest"

Called Jose
"Hey I'm with my boss now, sorry can't help"

Called Romi
"Serious dude? OK wait up. Will be there in secs"

Phew. Checked my tires again. WHAAT? BOTH LEFT TIRES FRONT AND BACK NOW?
WTF (*&^$^*()*(^$%#^#$*%%$##!!
And my RIM! All scratched. T_T

Romi arrived. Went to the Tire Shop. Brought along the guy, bought two tires, RM200 each.
Sent the guy to the workshop. Ended up eating KFC.

RM200 + RM200 (Two Silverstone tires) + RM20 (workmanship) + RM30 (KFC, treating Romi and his girl friend). -_____-"

p/s: Lucky me it happened on Saturday. I didnt have enough cash if it were to happen on Friday, and all the shops are closed on Sunday. But still. Budget lari woo. *Cries.

tayar belakang.

tayar depan. T_T

nasib baik Romi ada.

80km/j max. u serious?

What: Sibu Lantern Festival

When: 3rd Oct 2009
Description: None. (Too lazy to elaborate. Haha)

Remember ‘KL Freeze in Union’?

We want to reunite with you!

So much has happened in the last few weeks that has cause our country to be buzzing with agreements and disagreements.

But we’re proud that despite all that’s happened, we the Rakyat, have managed to keep our cool.

Let’s celebrate the fact that we have grown up to be a level-headed cool lot! Let’s inspire those not-so-cool to be cool :]

Let’s do something symbolic. Come with a piece of rope/string and we will tie them together to make one long, beautiful, cool rope that represents each and every one of us.

We will then take our fantastic work of art on a short, 15-minute tour for our fellow Malaysians to see.

Come and join us! Anyone and everyone! All you have to do is:

1. Bring a piece of rope/string the length of your right arm [Any colour or texture]

2. Wear a white t-shirt

3. If you have a Malaysian flag, bring it along

Most importantly, share this news with your friends and you, of course, must come too!

The date and location have been confirmed!
it's on Saturday, 23rd January, 5pm, Bangsar LRT Station
Facebook event here

Come one, come all.

Another project by Random Alphabets, spearheaded by Zain HD and team.

The Cadbury saga has finally ended with KRAFT wins the bid to buy the UK confectioner for reportedly $19.5 bln. Well I guess it's a no to Nestle, Hershey's and Ferrero then :)

This is one of my current favourite duet songs. I didnt know Daniel Merriweather before but this hit would defo make his name ring a bell from now on. And I dont need to say much about Adele's powerful voice. Great combo. :)

Seven days has gone so fast
I really thought the pain would pass
It’s been only an hour since I thought of you
cause you’re not answering the phone
Id settle for a busy tone
at least by that I know,
that you’re okay
A girl like you ain’t meant to go away... ohh

And now you’re gone,
ain’t nothing else I want
And now that it’s over,
there’s nothing else I want
What have I done,
looks I was wrong
is everything really meant to change?
I guess we’re like water and a flame
water and a flame

I’m tired of this empty house
I need a drink to get me out
a couple more till I forget your name
I saw a boy that looked like you
I didn’t quite know what to do
I took a power of will to break my stare
I realized what I wanted wasn’t there


Daniel: If you see me coming
Adele: I look away, I look away
Daniel: And if you’re mind’s made up
Adele: I look away, I will look away
Daniel: If you worry about..
Adele: I’m ok, I’m ok, yes I am
Daniel: All this sorrow and this pain is gonna go away!


ps: i meant to post the original video clip but embedded was disabled, so yeah :)

Baru je reda kes penggunaan nama Allah and the church arson cases, facebook bergolak lagi. Kalau dulu babitkan religions, this time around pasal kes Semenanjung vs Sarawak pulak. Adoi, pening kepala kalau fikir. Tak bole ke kite duduk aman damai. Ni yg susah kalau ada 'freedom of speech' yg terlampau. Semua orang entitled to their opinions, betul tp kalau opinions yg menyakitkan hati orang lain and bole create havoc, chaos and furore, baik simpan je la opinion tu dalam laci.

Yang terbaru ni, kes Hani Tarmizi. Menurut blogger Khairul Onggon, name minah ni sebenarnye Farhani Abdullah, tp guna nickname kat fb sebagai Hani Tarmizi, and difahamkan Tarmizi tu husband dia. Baru je pun kawin, 22 Nov 2009 lepas. And I was told that minah ni anak some VIPs. Wallahualam.

So ape kes sebenarnya ni? Nah ni screenshot yg sekarang lagi famous dari gambar di ranjang Ella dan Jojie hehe

Then dalam masa few days je, groups and fan pages yang anti minah ni tumbuh cam jerawat di pipi seorang gadis remaja. BANYAK gila. And biasa la, dalam tu mana ada stok2 ayat-ayat manis perangsang jiwa punye. Among groups yg aku jumpa 'Selipar Perempuan SARAWAK lebih cantik daripada muka HANI TARMIZI', 'Jom kita shantettt HANI TARMiZi', and 'Delete Hani Tarmizi dari facebook'.

Adeh, mmg silap besar la minah ni kan. Tak pasal pasal satu Sarawak dah hangin. Plak tu, dalam sibuk2 Hani ni kena target, ada plak sekor mamat nama Mohamad Samad tolong jirus Primax97 lagi dalam api.

Aku pun tak tau ape masalah mamat ni. Now tak pasal pasal dia pun ada hate-group kat fb. Haha. Adeh tak paham betol.

Whatever it is, aku harap benda ni dapat diselesaikan secara rasional. Susah kalau people start to generalize other people. Si Hani generalize perempuan Sarawak semua miang, Samad mangkuk ni generalize orang Sarawak mundur, then orang Sarawak akan generalize yg orang2 Semenanjung semua mangkuk cam 2 ekor tu. Then sampai bila cerita tak habis. So, lek lek sudeh.

To miak Sawak, mek phm perasaan ktk orang mun ada orang Malaya nganok ktk org camya. Tapi iboh generalize. Sik semua orang Malaya fikiran kolot kedak cdak 2 orang ya. So, mun mok nganok balit, nganok jak Hani ngan Samad, iboh nganok mek orang cdak Malaya secara general. Mena sik? :):)

And macam pepatah melayu la, kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. Tapi aku hope Sarawakians tak melatah cepat. Lek je ok. Kalau aku pun jenis melatah cam sesetengah korang, aku dah post dah gambar yang aku jumpa masa kecoh kes nama Allah tu dulu. Tp aku tak post pun. So, lek lek jak bahhh :)


so my day today didnt start very well
had a rough morning, and it s*cked like hell
workloads, peer pressure, and more that i can tell
so i let it all out, i screamed and i yelled

i know being nice is not exactly what i do best
trying hard to suppress, this pain in my chest
in stress and duress, i tried to fix up the mess
i tend to hurt people's feelings in the process

ive said things, that i didnt mean to say
ive done things that i will regret the next day
so i guess apologizing is the only way
if i have accidentally hurt ur feelings today.


So nak dijadikan kisah, tadi aku dengan secara gatalnya tanya lah kawan aku yg kerja as one of the 'orang belakang tabir' secara indirectly untuk Anugerah Juara Lagu yg lepas,

"Masa u kerja tu, u ada tak nampak benda alah putih tu? Hehe"

Dan secara girangnya (tp lepas tu dia ngaku yg dia pun takut gak), kawan aku pun cakap.

"Tak nampak. Tapi ada tengok email tu. Ala tempat tu mmg keras. Dah banyak case dah"

Dan secara gatalnya lagi, aku telah membunuh kucing itu. (curiosity kills the cat?) dan korek dan korek lagi.

Well apparently, benda ni dah lama berlaku.
Masa AJL yg lepas-lepas pun dah ada.
Even masa AF final pun dah ada.

So ni aku compile sikit la ape yg kawan aku tu ckp, and die ckp Exec Producer dia yg bgtau pasal benda benda ni. orang lama kan.

1. Pasal case AJL24 yg gambar kantoi tu, konfirm bukan dancer FT sbb kawan aku ckp, scaffolding utk dancer FT hanya yg tengah, whilst yg kanan and kiri mmg tutup dan takde orang guna. Dan apparently benda alah tu berdiri dkat scaffolding yg kanan. So, yeah.

2. Masa rehearsal for AJL21, Ramli MS (as the music director) nak start lead the orchestra with his stick, then suddenly stick tu takde. Padahal dia letak kat sebelah note music tu. So lepas maki maki secukup rasa, he settled for a new stick. Then after few songs, dia jumpa balik stick tu kat tengah2 buku. Guess page tu untuk lagu ape? Misha Omar's Ku Seru. :D

3. Ada one AJL ni, (kawan aku tak sure AJL berapa), night before the event itself, crew2 ni lepak kat dlm hall lepas rehearsal semua. And one of them perasan ada budak kecik jalan-jalan kat area red carpet. Padahal red carpet masa tu mmg tutup, dan tak bole orang lalu. Plus, siapa plak bawak anak malam malam cenggitu rayau rayau sorang sorang kan?

4. Yg ni plak masa final AF last year. Masa rehearsal the day before final tu, all the seats dkat dalam stadium was covered with kain hitam. Then suddenly one of the crew yg ada ability to see those things, terkejut sbb tiba tiba seat atas skali dekat aras 4, penuh. Then baru dia tau yg memenuhkan seat seat itu adalah 'mereka'. Siap tepuk-tepuk tangan ok.

5. And case baju artis yg kena 'sorok' tu dah benda biasa. Stok yang bila cari, takda tapi later baju baju tu ada balik. Misha Omar selalu kena yg ni :p

Hoh rupenye keras Stadium Putra ni. Well ni baru sikit yg aku dapat korek.
Kesohehan dia pun jgnla pecaya 100% yek, as ni cerita atas cerita.
Tp kira ok la utk korang punya free-reading kan :)

So sapa sapa ada tambahan pasal Stadium Putra ni, bgtau la.
Thru comment or email. dapat meriahkan sikit posting ni

Renung-renungkannnnn :p

So here how it started.

Healvia was in town.
As a good host, I picked her at the hotel, and sent her to Maybank as she wanted to do some transactions.

And later we went for an early dinner.
Well since she said that she wanted something Sarawakian-ish, I brought her to Rafie Cafe, and we had Nasi Ayam Penyet, eventho Nasi Ayam Penyet is Indonesian.


Then we went to the shopping mall, just for sightseeing even tho I knew there's nothing much to be seen there. As we walked pass a hair saloon, Heal felt like washing her hair and she said it was way cheaper here compared to KL (duh) and I wanted to get my hair cut as well, so why not. Well the hair saloon was not the one that I always go to, but I can't seem to remember why it wasn't one of my favorites. So yeah, Heal got her hair washed, and I was getting my hair cut.

that damned hair saloon. i swear i wont set foot again to this saloon -_-

15 mins later, Heal was all smile as they did her hair pretty nicely. While myself disgruntling in silence upon seeing my new haircut. I didn't like it very much. I looked like a school kid, or rather like a Penan guy. Urgh

her hair is cantik. urgh

last pic of my hair. gonna miss you, hair :)

After sending Heal back to her hotel, I spent tens of minutes in front of the mirror, swearing and cursing. At first I said to myself, hair will grow, and I can just wait for another 2 weeks and things will be back to normal.

But being drastic as I am, the next day I went to the cheaper barbershop and got my hair chopped for RM5. Guess I'm gonna save a lot of money for my hair wax and save a lot of time in the morning setting my hair up. :D

So who's drastic? I AM drastic :p

I've few postings waiting in line to be posted and suddenly this tragic news came up.

A strong 7.0 magnitude earthquake hits Haiti at approximately 4.53pm on Tuesday, leaving the nation in shambles and early reports indicate the death toll could be around 500,000 and soaring.

A major international relief effort was launched to hurry rescuers and suppliers to the Caribbean country as the streets of Port-Au-Prince were left scattered with corpses and shattered buildings.

Hospitals and schools collapsed and were reportedly full of dead bodies while 200 foreigners were missing from the city's expensive Hotel Montana.

As the international relief efforts start pouring in, I'm sure we, Malaysians are setting up our own relief efforts to help those victims. And from afar, all I can do is to extend my prayers to the families of the victims. :(

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