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This is one of my current favourite duet songs. I didnt know Daniel Merriweather before but this hit would defo make his name ring a bell from now on. And I dont need to say much about Adele's powerful voice. Great combo. :)

Seven days has gone so fast
I really thought the pain would pass
It’s been only an hour since I thought of you
cause you’re not answering the phone
Id settle for a busy tone
at least by that I know,
that you’re okay
A girl like you ain’t meant to go away... ohh

And now you’re gone,
ain’t nothing else I want
And now that it’s over,
there’s nothing else I want
What have I done,
looks I was wrong
is everything really meant to change?
I guess we’re like water and a flame
water and a flame

I’m tired of this empty house
I need a drink to get me out
a couple more till I forget your name
I saw a boy that looked like you
I didn’t quite know what to do
I took a power of will to break my stare
I realized what I wanted wasn’t there


Daniel: If you see me coming
Adele: I look away, I look away
Daniel: And if you’re mind’s made up
Adele: I look away, I will look away
Daniel: If you worry about..
Adele: I’m ok, I’m ok, yes I am
Daniel: All this sorrow and this pain is gonna go away!


ps: i meant to post the original video clip but embedded was disabled, so yeah :)


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