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I guess, in this Allah issue of late, every Malaysian has it's own stand on it.

Everyone has their own ideas, views and opinions.

Some loudly spoken their views in fb statuses, groups.
Some rather keep it to themselves, and I got to know the responses only upon asking.
And sadly, some expressed their views through more uncivilized method, church bombing.

And if people may ask, what's my take on this?
As a Muslim, do I think it's OK for other religions, namely Catholic Christians, to use Allah in their daily prayers, publishings and whatnots?
As a Muslim, do I think it's acceptable to see the name of Allah, Muslim's one and only God, being used in sermons and at Churches' signboards?
As a Muslim, do I think it's normal to share my God, with the Christians?

Well initially I was against it.
This is Allah name that we are talking about.
It touches the core of faith in every Muslims around the world. Something that can't be jeopardized of.
Reading the arguments that Allah simply means God in Arabic, hence the Arabic Christians, even some Jews are using Allah in referring to their God.
But I asked, we live in Malaysia, not Arab, so why can't they stick to Lord, or God?
Why must they use Allah, something thats very sensitive to fellow Muslims?
And so I thought I can justify my stands, and that I was choosing the right side.

But as I read more, (these people should do too), things have started opening up for me.
So I've seen the pictures, I've read the comments by the non-Muslims in Sabah & Sarawak.
They have been using Allah as to refer to their God for ages now.
They have bible written in Malay, preaches in Malay, all have been using Allah as their God.
(This is simply because they understand Malay language more, rather than English and afterall Malay language IS our national language, no?)
And I've read Ustaz Asri's article on this. It's rather absurd that the Muslims claim that the usage of Allah by the Catholic Christians may mislead our youth, may confuse our children.

How is that?

If the usage of Allah name by the Catholic Christians are for their readings (Herald publishing for an instance), or the name Allah is seen at the churches, are our youth ignorant enough to know that churches simply for the Christians? What can possibly confuse them? As Ustaz Asri put it, can't our generation differentiate something so obvious, like a day from a night?

I don't know.

Some of my fellow Muslims told me, it would deviate us from akidah (faith) if we agree to let them to use the Allah name. Well I suggest we strengthen our akidah then, do something that's within our control, and Insha Allah pieces will fit back again.

And if you ask me to pick a side, with these terror acts of bombing churches and school, I'd rather say, I wont pick any side.

But if I have to, I pick Malaysian unity.


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