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Saturday afternoon.
Felt hungry. Took a shower.
Checked account balance. PAYDAY. Huray.

Packed the car. Planned to have some BigMac.
Listening and singing along to the radio.
Kris Allen's No Boundaries.

"So heree I ammm still holding onnn"

Driving 60km/j.

''They take youu by the haanddd and showw yo.."

*Oh, a small divider up front. Gotta swerve to the right. Easy.

Suddenly. BANG!

*Shit, i hit that divider! No, I ran thru it!

Kept on driving. Shut up Kris.
Turned the radio off.
Nothing peculiar. Should be ok.
Ah, MCD.

Searched for parking space. GODAMNIT. No freaking parking space!
Wait, something is wrong with my front left tyre. The one that hit the divider.
It's groggy and bumpy.
Not good. Gotta check.
Got down from car.

Panic attack. Who to call?

Called Dahari.
"Sorry, I'm at the hair salon now, will call you back soonest"

Called Jose
"Hey I'm with my boss now, sorry can't help"

Called Romi
"Serious dude? OK wait up. Will be there in secs"

Phew. Checked my tires again. WHAAT? BOTH LEFT TIRES FRONT AND BACK NOW?
WTF (*&^$^*()*(^$%#^#$*%%$##!!
And my RIM! All scratched. T_T

Romi arrived. Went to the Tire Shop. Brought along the guy, bought two tires, RM200 each.
Sent the guy to the workshop. Ended up eating KFC.

RM200 + RM200 (Two Silverstone tires) + RM20 (workmanship) + RM30 (KFC, treating Romi and his girl friend). -_____-"

p/s: Lucky me it happened on Saturday. I didnt have enough cash if it were to happen on Friday, and all the shops are closed on Sunday. But still. Budget lari woo. *Cries.

tayar belakang.

tayar depan. T_T

nasib baik Romi ada.

80km/j max. u serious?


jaga keter elok elok please.

thanks cik sarah

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