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Yes I bet most of you have heard the news, and even seen the pictures now.
But those who haven't, this is the article that I copied from

It is said the the person who captured this image, klubbkidd noticed there was an entity in white, standing atop of the scaffolding of the 'Anugerah Juara Lagu 24' stage, while Aizat was performing his song, Kau Aku. He and his friends noticed the white entity was waving to the crowd and as he was trying to snap the third picture, the entity just disappeared.

The guy who captured these images thought the entity was one of Faizal Tahir's dancers because during the latter's performance earlier on, there were dancers in black and white suit flying around using hanging harness. But he was wrong. Upon asking and probing more, it has become apparent that the entity wasn't one of Faizal Tahir's dancers because that thing was standing too far up, and a bit further towards the audience, compared to the real dancers who were just lingering on top of the stage.

Well, entity or just another hoax? You be the judge :)



aku dah komen kat atas nun, baru pasan ada ceta ni..dayyum! Spookieee siot!

huhu tu la pasal.

ni la cite asal dia

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