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so this is my #30 post this month.
already 2 more than the whole posts last year.
and in 2008, i only posted 8 posts for the whole year.

so i guess this is the only wishlist or so-called 2010 resolutions that ive happily achieved.

i remember setting (or resetting) these resolutions early this year.

  1. exercise more
  2. eat more vege
  3. develop new hobby
  4. travel more.
  5. do more savings (quite contradict with no.4 right :p)
  6. use only 1 credit card
  7. be a better employee
  8. find a gf
  9. adopt a baby giraffe
  10. blog more
well its still the beginning of the year. whilst the other resolutions seem to be just another impossible targets, at least ive achieved one.

so kira ok la kan :)


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sumpah, kalau ko adopt baby giraffe ajak aku skali pls, papi?

hahaha. ok sure thing mami

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