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So here how it started.

Healvia was in town.
As a good host, I picked her at the hotel, and sent her to Maybank as she wanted to do some transactions.

And later we went for an early dinner.
Well since she said that she wanted something Sarawakian-ish, I brought her to Rafie Cafe, and we had Nasi Ayam Penyet, eventho Nasi Ayam Penyet is Indonesian.


Then we went to the shopping mall, just for sightseeing even tho I knew there's nothing much to be seen there. As we walked pass a hair saloon, Heal felt like washing her hair and she said it was way cheaper here compared to KL (duh) and I wanted to get my hair cut as well, so why not. Well the hair saloon was not the one that I always go to, but I can't seem to remember why it wasn't one of my favorites. So yeah, Heal got her hair washed, and I was getting my hair cut.

that damned hair saloon. i swear i wont set foot again to this saloon -_-

15 mins later, Heal was all smile as they did her hair pretty nicely. While myself disgruntling in silence upon seeing my new haircut. I didn't like it very much. I looked like a school kid, or rather like a Penan guy. Urgh

her hair is cantik. urgh

last pic of my hair. gonna miss you, hair :)

After sending Heal back to her hotel, I spent tens of minutes in front of the mirror, swearing and cursing. At first I said to myself, hair will grow, and I can just wait for another 2 weeks and things will be back to normal.

But being drastic as I am, the next day I went to the cheaper barbershop and got my hair chopped for RM5. Guess I'm gonna save a lot of money for my hair wax and save a lot of time in the morning setting my hair up. :D

So who's drastic? I AM drastic :p


u botak lg handsome kot

feesa: erk. tu sbb gambar terbalik haha

a'ah lah. u botak lg hemsem kott :p

heee. ikhlas ni, papi. ikhlasss

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