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Tak sampai 2 hari kita dikejutkan dengan berita mangkatnya Sultan Johor, DYMM Sultan Iskandar, dunia blog Malaysia dikejutkan pulak dengan blog Aduka Taruna yang terang-terang kutuk Almarhum dengan bahasa yang sangatlah biadap.

Aku tak tau apa grudge yang mamat ni ada towards Almarhum, tapi perkataan yg dia kuarkan tu agak tak sopan utk dikeluarkan, jangan kata terhadap Sultan, even terhadap sesama manusia biasa pun. After browsing thru blog dia ni, dia mengaku yg dia 'pemerhati bebas politik'. At first I thought that he's not on any side since semua party pun dia belasah. Dari UMNO, Nik Aziz, Hadi, Tun Mahathir, semua dia kutuk dalam blog dia. But I'm pretty sure he's supporting PAS as he's selling the PAS-REFORM tshirts on his blog. Mesti generasi muda PAS yang nak get rid of the current leaders, from my observation.

Tapi bab kutuk Almarhum Sultan Iskandar is something that overboard if you ask me. Nah sekarang eventho dia dah openly apologize to Malaysian citizens as a whole, I think it's pretty too late now.

Number facts. (at the time of writing)
387 responses to his apology post
22,692 total visitors at his blog today
3,331,349 total visitors to his blog
3,175 FB group members of 'Against Aduka Taruna'

Aku dengar yang polis dah buat siasatan. And that the guy is willing to turn himself in by next Wednesday, as he's preparing for his wedding. Aduh. Wrong timing betul.

Whatever it is, the damage is done. Not only he will face the wrath of the patriotic Johoreans, but also the police, the govt as well as the Sultan Johor royal families (including those underground mafias, if u know what i mean).

Sleepless nights for him. Kerana pulut, santan binasa. Kerana blog, badan binasa


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