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We are only entering the 2nd week of 2010, but man, we sure start the year with a bang, and chaos, domestically and globally.

And we can see these keywords have been featured in almost all electronic or printed media nowadays; arson, fire, ablaze, gutted. Not forgetting the opposite meanings, such as, blizzards, cold temperature, snow, sleds.

Let's see what the world has offered us so far for 2010 :)

1. Church arson cases.
Up until yesterday, a total of 8 churches have been victims of arson or attempted arson attack, following a High Court ruling on 31 Dec that Catholic weekly the Herald had the constitutional rights to use the word ''Allah'' to describe ''God'' in its Malay-language edition.

2. Penang: Mum sets self on fire.
Disappointed over her daughter's refusal to go home, a mother of seven allegedly set herself on fire after being under pressure in dealing with her daughter. The victim suffered 54% burns from the forehead to the abdomen.

3. 20 motorcycles, a car, four buses gutted in pre-dawn fire.
On 10th Jan, 20 motorcycles and a car were razed in a pre-dawn fire in Penang, believed to be the work of arsonists. On the same day, 4 buses were destroyed in also a pre-dawn fire at Medan Kidd bus station, Ipoh

4. Togo football team attacked by gun fire.
Three people, including the driver, the assistant coach and a press officer from Togo football squad were killed, and 9 were injured, in a terrorist gun attack took place as the squad competing in African Nation Cup were on their way to Angola. The team then withdrew their participation in the competition.

And at the other side of the world, they are currently facing one of the worst chilly season ever.

1. United States of America
Bitter cold and snow sweeping into the eastern U.S. left part of New England under record snowfall and hit Southerners with subfreezing temperatures. Four deaths have been recorded in Tennessee and The National Weather Service said the mercury could fall below zero in St Louis later this week for the first time since 1999. source:

2. Depression Daisy struck Europe.
Depression Daisy unleashed blizzards across most parts of Europe, with hundreds of flights were cancelled, train services severely disrupted in Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and in the Scandinavian countries. A ten to 23 cm thick carpet of snow covered the whole of Germany for the first time in many years and completely paralyzed the transport services in some Baltic Sea islands and coastal regions. source:

3. EPL games postponed after heavy snow.
7 English Premier Games have been cancelled off and postponed to new dates after icy conditions and frozen pitch made in unsafe for matches to be played.

4. Asia region.
Record snow in South Korea and China, 1,400 trapped on train for 30 hours. In China, snowfall, frigid winds and temperatures of -12.8 Celsius forced the schools to be closed and China's National Meteorological Center stated that it's the highest snowfall in the capital in a single day in January since 1951. Meanwhile in Inner Mongolia, more than 1,400 passengers were evacuated from a train trapped by heavy snow for more than 30 hours. All 15 carriages were buried in snow and the passengers were stranded in the train without lighting and heating. And in Seoul, Korea, the snow was said to be the heaviest since 1937.

So, seems like we are starting the new year with contradicting stories, but both would strike fear in all of us, as the threat of human's irrational actions, as well as wrath of the nature, could both create chaos and we do hope these controllable and non-controllable fear factors are only temporary.


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