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Exactly a week ago, I was basically feeling all weak and feverish. Badan aku panas, sakit tekak, batuk and flu. Pergi Klinik Chu and got my medications. The very next day, things got worse. Tekak aku super loya, kepala super pening, badan super lemah. Aku dah imagine AH1N1 or ILI. For the whole day aku mkn 2 bites of roti bakar je. Serious takde selera. Took 2 blood tests, satu from private lab, satu dekat Govt Hosp. Tangan aku penuh bintik2 merah. KONFIRM DENGGI.

Colleague bawak aku pergi Hosp but luckily I wasnt admitted. Platelet was ok, 260. PCV and Hemogoblin ada problem. Kazen aku ckp if Platelet bawah 150, bahaya. If bawah 100, memang kena admit. Alhamdulillah semua ok. Tp badan still tak larat.

Wednesday. Went for another blood test. Feeling better, slightly. Aku dah boleh habiskan satu mangkuk mee pagi tu. Results were out. Doing better, feeling better. But still weak lah. Went home and rested.

Fast forward to weekends. Balik KL. Aku rasa semua dah back to normal. Cuma batuk je tak baik lagi. Pastu nafas agak pendek. Overall aku dah ok kot.

Now it's Monday. Aku blogging sambil tunggu colleague to pick me up for our meeting in Seremban. It feels good to be alive :)

2.33am. Parkcity Everly Hotel, Bintulu.

Im typing this whilst listening to my colleague snoring. Just got back from the hotel lounge and man, I'm starting to like Bintulu already. After 2 years in Sarawak, this is my first time being here, thanks to the regional meeting we had today. And to my surprise, Bintulu has lots more to offer than I imagined. Surely my time here was stint, but I'm liking what I see/experience thus far. Gotta say it's better than Sibu. Or at par. I don't know, I hate comparing. But yeah.

Other life's updates: Met few old school friends here, whom I last met 9 years ago. And one of them is getting married in June. Nice. Another reminder for me -_-'

But skipping all the nonsense, I'm actually in a bad shape now. Obviously not gonna reveal it here, but let's just say I foresee a fcking disaster is lurking somewhere, and next week is gonna be a long, tough, trying week for me.

I cant wait to update this blog again, fastforward to next Sunday where I just had so much fun watching Pitbull in concert and packing my bags to attend the meeting in Seremban on 17th.

Of all superpowers that I wished I had, I wish I can travel to times and correct whatever that I messed up few weeks ago, that leads into this pile of shit covering me.

Wish me luck, people, eventhough you wouldn't care less.
Night, Bintulu.
Night, world.

*throws battery charger to the snoring colleague and shuts down laptop.

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