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2.33am. Parkcity Everly Hotel, Bintulu.

Im typing this whilst listening to my colleague snoring. Just got back from the hotel lounge and man, I'm starting to like Bintulu already. After 2 years in Sarawak, this is my first time being here, thanks to the regional meeting we had today. And to my surprise, Bintulu has lots more to offer than I imagined. Surely my time here was stint, but I'm liking what I see/experience thus far. Gotta say it's better than Sibu. Or at par. I don't know, I hate comparing. But yeah.

Other life's updates: Met few old school friends here, whom I last met 9 years ago. And one of them is getting married in June. Nice. Another reminder for me -_-'

But skipping all the nonsense, I'm actually in a bad shape now. Obviously not gonna reveal it here, but let's just say I foresee a fcking disaster is lurking somewhere, and next week is gonna be a long, tough, trying week for me.

I cant wait to update this blog again, fastforward to next Sunday where I just had so much fun watching Pitbull in concert and packing my bags to attend the meeting in Seremban on 17th.

Of all superpowers that I wished I had, I wish I can travel to times and correct whatever that I messed up few weeks ago, that leads into this pile of shit covering me.

Wish me luck, people, eventhough you wouldn't care less.
Night, Bintulu.
Night, world.

*throws battery charger to the snoring colleague and shuts down laptop.


my gawd. bintulu is way better than sibu? tak boleh nak imagine how bad the sibu is. heh.

i love semenanjung :P

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