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Some pictures of the recent flood that hit Sibu last weekend.
The biggest so far this year. There wasn't much rain, but due to the Rajang River's overflow.
Luckily it has subsided now. Most businesses were badly affected.

sampan. the best ride for this kind of situation.

my apartment. :/

What you see above is not a war aftermath, nor a tornado after effect, but merely a freak storm that hit a food bazaar in Jasin, Melaka, yesterday. The bizarre storm that lasted only few minutes hit the stadium parking lot in Melaka when the hawkers were preparing and opening their stalls for the Ramadhan bazaar.

An elderly was killed on the spot after it was believed the tent that was flown up by the storm hit him in the head, while the other two died at the hospital, believed to be caused by head injuries as well.

18 others including a pregnant woman were injured.

Below is another amateur video that recorded the storm:

This shows how fragile human lives are. Al-Fatihah to the deceased and condolences to the families.

Jam menunjukkan tepat 8 malam.

Aku capai songkok atas almari baju dan terus menyarung selipar Quiksilver yang dah lusuh dan bertanah.

Sejurus selepas aku melepasi pintu pagar masjid, azan Isyak dialunkan, memanggil sekalian umat Islam untuk menuju kemenangan.

"Fuh sempat lagi"

Kaki kanan dianjakkan melewati bendul pintu masjid. Anak-anak kecil berlari keluar masuk.
Ah saf masih kosong. Masjid sebesar ini, walau hanya 4 saf yang penuh, tetap terasa ramai.

Sang Bilal memanggil kami. Sang Imam mengajak kami ke saf.
Agak panas cuaca malam ini, peluh ku menitik setitis dua.

Selesai 4 yang wajib itu, aku duduk menanti yang sunat pula.

Sedang fikiran masih merewang, terdengar:


Ahh. Aku kaku. Betapa rindunya aku kepada ungkapan itu.
Setahun menunggu, dan wirid terawih itu telah membuktikan, telah memastikan, yang Ramadhan tiba lagi.

Dan aku harap aku akan terus dapat mendengar wirid itu, sehingga ke malam yang pengakhir. Insha Allah.


It's August again. And it's our Independence Month again.

Let us all raise our Jalur Gemilang flag for this whole month long, as a sign of patriotism and love to our beloved nation. Let's just put aside all the differences, make it skin color, language or political parties, let's just unite under the Malaysian flag.

Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku.

Yeah, like the rest of you, I sometimes depend on some comic strips as a medium for stress reliever, or just to kill times. I have a few favourite comic strips, namely Dilbert, Pickles, Shoes and Cyanide & Happiness. While I can always read Pickles and Shoes in the cartoon section inside The Star, sometimes I don't mind the trouble of surfing the web for my occasional dosage of Dilbert and Cyanide & Happiness.

But recently, I came across a comic strip that caught my attention instantly. Unlike the other comic strips I mentioned above, that have distinguished characters with names, physical attributions with range of topics, this comic strip lets the reader roam freely using their own creativity and imagination but still chained with the idea the artist would like to portray. And the best part is, the hero of this comic strip is something or someone that I can relate a lot. At least with my current situation.

This comic strip basically lingers around with the story of a guy, (many think it's the real reflection of the artist) who chases his dream girl, who is, oddly his good friend for 10 years. It's a good combination of mixed feelings when reading this strip as it has humour, sarcasm, witty quotes, sweet wordings and even vulgar/crude drawings. It also shows a man's determination in winning a girl's heart even though it's highly unlikely that the girl would feel the same as she is currently with someone and only sees the first guy as a friend. (now THAT's the part I can always relate to)

So, here goes, I present to you . Dont forget to read the strips from March 2006 and read from bottom first.

Here are some of my favourite strips, as a sneak preview. Kudos to the artist, Mr Jeroen :)

It's 9:00pm now in Malaysia. Which means we are only 1 hour away to the kick-off.
Finally the long awaited British football is here again.

So for some heads up, here's some facts about today's Community Shield match between Chelsea and Manchester United.

Let's rekindle the rivalry, shall we, Devils? :D

Yup. Now you can 'Like' any of my posts that interest you. Thanks to the Facebook Like Widget I just installed. How more vain can I get, right? :)

Go ahead, give it a try.

Can't really recall when was the last time I kicked some ball. I think it was months ago, if my memory serves me well. So when my colleagues started to play street soccer at our office's compound, I guess I could try to kick a ball or two. Have to thank the World Cup tho for changing the current sports of these guys back to football. It's all seasonal as I can see it. From badminton to pingpong and thank God it's back to football, the only game that I am fond with and can play wholeheartedly.

Just like how I sprained my heart earlier on, the analogy can be applied almost the same to how I sprained my ankle. Well, it's been awhile since I confessed my feelings to someone, and by overdoing it, I sprained my heart after being rejected. Likewise, dribbling the ball as if I was born for it, after ages of doing so, I stumbled and sprained my ankle in the process.

And I know both incidents may cause me some pain, but I know it will soon be gone and I believe there are no bad experience in life, only lessons. :)

This path. This road. This choice.
They are all oh so familiar.

I've been on this path before.
I've been on this road before.
I've taken this choice before.
I've seen myself hurt before.

The pain is not inevitable, it can be avoided.
The wounds are not inescapable, they are self-inflicted.

But why am I still holding on?
Why do I still keep the hoping on?
It's so apparent that the future is bleak
It's so obvious that the gap is big

Just maybe.
Because of this quote:

I think part of the reason why we hold on to something so tight is because we fear something so great won’t happen twice

A mighty pain to love it is,
And 'tis a pain that pain to miss;
But of all pains, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain.

Abraham Cowley

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