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Yeah, like the rest of you, I sometimes depend on some comic strips as a medium for stress reliever, or just to kill times. I have a few favourite comic strips, namely Dilbert, Pickles, Shoes and Cyanide & Happiness. While I can always read Pickles and Shoes in the cartoon section inside The Star, sometimes I don't mind the trouble of surfing the web for my occasional dosage of Dilbert and Cyanide & Happiness.

But recently, I came across a comic strip that caught my attention instantly. Unlike the other comic strips I mentioned above, that have distinguished characters with names, physical attributions with range of topics, this comic strip lets the reader roam freely using their own creativity and imagination but still chained with the idea the artist would like to portray. And the best part is, the hero of this comic strip is something or someone that I can relate a lot. At least with my current situation.

This comic strip basically lingers around with the story of a guy, (many think it's the real reflection of the artist) who chases his dream girl, who is, oddly his good friend for 10 years. It's a good combination of mixed feelings when reading this strip as it has humour, sarcasm, witty quotes, sweet wordings and even vulgar/crude drawings. It also shows a man's determination in winning a girl's heart even though it's highly unlikely that the girl would feel the same as she is currently with someone and only sees the first guy as a friend. (now THAT's the part I can always relate to)

So, here goes, I present to you . Dont forget to read the strips from March 2006 and read from bottom first.

Here are some of my favourite strips, as a sneak preview. Kudos to the artist, Mr Jeroen :)


Very nice review of my site :-) Thanks!


OH WOW it's Mr Jeroen himself!
I'm a fan!

Such an honor to have you commenting in here, sir. :)


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