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Can't really recall when was the last time I kicked some ball. I think it was months ago, if my memory serves me well. So when my colleagues started to play street soccer at our office's compound, I guess I could try to kick a ball or two. Have to thank the World Cup tho for changing the current sports of these guys back to football. It's all seasonal as I can see it. From badminton to pingpong and thank God it's back to football, the only game that I am fond with and can play wholeheartedly.

Just like how I sprained my heart earlier on, the analogy can be applied almost the same to how I sprained my ankle. Well, it's been awhile since I confessed my feelings to someone, and by overdoing it, I sprained my heart after being rejected. Likewise, dribbling the ball as if I was born for it, after ages of doing so, I stumbled and sprained my ankle in the process.

And I know both incidents may cause me some pain, but I know it will soon be gone and I believe there are no bad experience in life, only lessons. :)


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