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So when a friend on Twitter shared a link regarding a tragic accident involving a Myvi, a Vios and a lorry, i thought it was just another sad case of speeding and (most likely) drunk driving. The Myvi alongside with it's driver were burnt into crisp, beyond recognition. (You can read the article here:

But when that friend shared another link (a facebook note, which has been removed when I checked this afternoon), the incident turned to be worse than tragic. The owner of the facebook note explained in details how he witnessed everything in front of his eyes. How he saw the burning Myvi and the female driver who was pinned, crying for help. Being a good Samaritan, he drove off to the nearby BHP Petrol Station to borrow any fire extinguisher from the station to put off the fire.

SADLY, the two BHP workers (foreign, suspected Bangladeshis) refused to lend the fire extinguishers to the guy, with the reason of the doors are locked and they cant simply give them away.

Yes, apparently their fire extinguishers were more valuable than a human's life.

I understand why they kept the fire extinguishers inside their premise. That is what I recommended to my dealers too after so many cases of the fire extinguishers were stolen during night shifts. But again, when someone was in a need of it, a little bit of humane and understanding wont hurt right. I'm feeling sorry for the girl, but i feel sorry the most for the good Samaritan who tried so hard to help a stranger. I could feel that he would be having some sleepless nights over this. He was so close, but still so far.

And for the Bangladeshi? They will just continue their days as usual and perhaps being sent home for some times before coming back.


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