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its been 2 days now.
Its hard for me to do my daily routines.
Im feeling so low
The clocks ticking so slow

All i cn do is lie down on my bed
With so many thoughts inside my head.

At last i had the guts to make the phone call ive been mean to make.

"Aunty, sudah 2 hari takda air. Sampai bila org repair pipe mahu settle kerja?''
"Aiya tunggu aa. Ini hali setel munya", says the landlady


confirm tak mandi kan ;p busuk busuk!

kantoi plak


i thought apelah yg merunsingkan u..
ala.. u kan da biasa x mandi..

teehee! jgn marah ha.

Ush, sama lak title no air, no air tuh.

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