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p/s: vindaloo is an Indian dish. :)

Recalling back the recent murder case of an Indian-citizen student, Nitin Garg, in Melbourne, early this year, we have seen the bilateral relationships between both countries on the rocks with Indian govt condemned the constant racist attacks on its citizen studying in Australia.

Nearly 100 cases of attacks on Indians had been reported in Australia in 2009 as against 17 incidents of assaults in 2008.

But, Garg, who was the first Indian to be attacked this year, had been the only victim of such assaults to succumb to his injuries.


But one woman, Mia Northrop, an Australian citizen, determines to show the Indian community, and the world, that Australians are not all racists and hostile. As such, she comes up with the idea of 'Vindaloo against Violence' event which urged Melburnians to dine at their local Indian restaurant on February 24th as a way to show solidarity with the city's Indian community.

"The idea is simply for everyday people to come together to support their immigrant communities in a very Melbourne way: through great food," Ms Northrop writes on her website.

"Let’s signal to the Indian media and other international observers that everyday Australians do not accept racially motivated violence and racism."

“We ’ve got people from Tennessee and Vancouver and Singapore and Hong Kong saying ‘We ’re going to do it here’,” she said.
So, Malaysia, what are we waiting for. Let's hit the mamak stalls/restaurants on the Feb 24th, and order our favourite Indian dish. Be it roti canai, tandoori, garlic naan, chapati, tosai or curry, it doesnt matter, as long as we're doing it in a mass to show our support for racial harmony, not only in Australia, but also in our beloved country as well. And after all, we all do love Indian food right? :)

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i like indians :D

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