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I was online with an old friend last night. The conversation follows:

Friend: Hey I happen to know a dude who went to the same school with you.
Me: Oh, who?
Friend: Zaidi, remember? It's a small world because we went to the same primary school, the same college and lived in the same neighbourhood.
Me: Yeah, small world indeed.
Friend: And we were talking about you and Zaidi suddenly told me that "Yeap, Faliq. The guy who never gets mad"
Me: Er?
Friend: I kinda agree with him, dude. All these years that I've known you, never once i saw you mad. Thats cool.
Me: Er, thanks!

Apparently she hasn't met me for years, as I believe I'm not that person anymore. Well, times change and we're changing in them, no?

Just few days back, I shouted at the waiter for ignoring me at one of the mamak stalls (Sorry Sarr and Dayo that you had to see that). And I don't need to mention the other occasions where I lost my cool easily, over the tiniest things.

Yeah, my point is, I dont know where did the super-cool me has gone. Over the years, I think I've been kinda corrupted with the world, with the pressure, stress and lots more and yeah, I do miss the supercool me. Obviously I can always blame the world for moulding me into this un-cool guy right now, I can always blame the environment, the people around me, the movies I've watched, the jerks I've met, the almost lovers, even the neighbour's cats, but I know, in the end of the day, I've only got myself to blame.

But I am who I am.
And I will try to be a better person.
Insha Allah :)


hebat nya anda.
bagus la if uve changed.
if x sng org pijak u nnti.
tp baran pun ada limit kan kan. hee

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