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one. lampard's red card has been overturned, and automatically his three-match ban has been removed as well

two. quaresma joining chelsea on loan. hope this can rejuvenate his career, and rejuvenate chelsea's hope for the title. watch out gaylord ronaldo. :)

three. liverpool lost to Everton last night 1-0 in the FA Cup. Gerrard was injured, Lucas got red-carded, they were dumped out of the race. KARMA IS SWEEET, FUCKERS :)

four. the turmoil in Perak political landscape. if things are going as planned, BN will form the new state government. wonder where's this New Govt that Anwar Berahi has been promising his people

five. just got paid. im breathing again. haih. but still considering to go back for the Rihanna concert tho.

six. tomorrow is goddamn friday. HAHA its wknd again y'alllll


the only news i can relate to is prolly the last one.

cheers mate.
selamat bersantai.


ps: go to rihanna's concert la. on my behalf. puhlis!

haha ok nanti i send my hello to rihanna ok :)

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