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yeah. just few days ago i posted about the good news that came pouring in. now suddenly it's time for bad news to take over.

one. scolari has been sacked this morning. tho it was kinda inevitable but i didnt expect it would be now. but it's hoped that it would somehow rejuvenate the camp and obviously there's a need for everyone to stay together thru this trying moments. EPL is virtually out of sight now, i surely hope we can at least go thru the next rounds in Champs League and FA Cup. Amen.

two. rihanna's concert has been cancelled. or postponed. or whatever. and so u've heard. it's pretty dissapointing to learn this, as ive already booked the flight tickets and such, and now have to make new plans to fill up my friday night. haha.

three. ok there's no number three. hope that those abovementioned are the only bad news i will be receiving for the time being. :)


one: two coaches have been sacked out. boohoo!

two: kesian lah u faliq. fikirla yer nak buat ape jumaat tuh. kalau plan u best, i join u, if not, i balek tido kat rumah. hahaha (gelak evil)

haha tau takpe.

hum me and dayo nak pergi karaoke je. jom laaaa

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