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Interesting much, one day is the day of bad luck, and the next is the day of love. Ain't it intriguing how it all changes in the matter of 24 hours? Lol.

But i believe people are just making reasons for what they believe. They will tend to be extra-careful on the Friday the 13th, and extra romantic on the Valentine's Day, whereas i guess those two are just like the other ordinary days for me :p

Heck, my Friday the 13th went quite well for me. Reached KL at 4.15pm, went straight home and prepared myself for the night.

The night started with some catching-ups with my lovely cousins, Shazmynn and Nazira at Quattro, Winter Bar. It was kinda cold in there and the crew told me it would get colder later. And they've got all their crew cladding in those trenchcoats, gloves and all the attire worn by the fricking Russians during winter. Cool huh? Like literally.

After a few drinks, I've bid my goodbye and left for Rainforest Borneo as Jane and Diera were already waiting for me there.

(Oh by the way, take a look at the picture and do you agree how fat and tanned i am now? urgh)

Federal Highway. 10.03pm. Friday night. Massive traffic jam. Wtf?

Reached the place around 10.55pm and joined Jane and her Sarawakian friends at their table. Didnt really feel like drinking so I just ordered a glass of Coke and some fries as I was starving. :)

First time at that place, first time meeting Jane and friends, but was already having so much fun. The band was awesome, and so was the crowd. But the spoiler of the night would be the slow songs played by the band towards the end, with songs like End of The Road and some Richard Mark's numbers were just depressing. Especially when it was the Valentines Eve and you're single, and surrounded by loving couples, you will surely feel shitty about yourself. Haha.

Nevertheless, the night ended at 3p.m and headed home straight, feeling all lethargic and worn out.


"Ain't it intriguing how it all changes in the matter of 24 hours?"

that is deep..
it has made me terfikir sejenak chewah..

things can even change in very opposite way in 5 mins..

hope for the best..
prepare for the worst..
life is a play.. we are unrehearsed.

seems to me that u had a fantabulous vday eh? ok la tu. u do look a lil tanned tho. tp tak nmpk chubby pun..

ps: federal punye traffic jam sgt menyakitkan hati. i feel ur pain. eceh. :)

federal? traffic jam? mcm dh biase jer.. haha..

"ok la tu. u do look a lil tanned tho. tp tak nmpk chubby pun.."

hahaha.. xnmpk chubby ker? gomok la jgak.. hahaha

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