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Thats the question that has been lingering on my mind, bothering me all day long. I wonder how do people define a jerk. This is simply because, of late, I feel like im being one, uncontrollably. But heck, does a jerk REALIZE he's being one? See that's my point. Sometimes I can be a jerk without me realizing it. And that's scary.

So tell me, what makes a jerk, a jerk?

Sure, it's subjective but I believe there's a fine line in everything, right?
How do you differentiate someone who's being extra caring and busybody?
How do you differentiate someone who's being hardworking and a show-off?
How do you differentiate someone who's fun and loud, and annoying?

But yeah, I've come across with loads of jerks in my life.
Jerks who brag about themselves.
Jerks who being over-protective towards their gfs (those psycho bfs, ah u know)
Jerks who ass-kissed all the bosses.
Jerks who think they know it all.
Jerks that are self-centered b*stards.
Jerks who are jerks by nature.

Come to think about it, the question remains. What makes a jerk, a jerk? Because I believe all the jerks I've mentioned above, have good traits too. I believe they have friends around them, loving girlfriends, caring parents and all. How can they have all that if they are jerks, right?

So i conclude that, I believe every guy can be a jerk, once awhile. I admit that i can be super-annoying, attention-seeking, hard-to-please, psycho jerk, once in awhile. So if i do, im sorry yah? :)

the occasional jerk.


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