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of late, ive been falling in, and out of love, for too many occasions already.

i might have misintepreted the signals
i might have misjudged the body language.
i might have given myself false hopes.

and through these uncertainties, all i can do is pray.

for some real signs.


smtimes pray is the only thing u can do...
n yes remember..hope is always there..

ok now u sound really2 sappy.
ape cite nie?

and one more thing, it takes 2 to tango. no point of hoping if the other is not giving. no point of decoding the hints, when the road is clearly a dead end. so yeah.

ps: ckp mmg senang kan, nk execute separuh mati. haha. i know. poyo je.

yeah wishing, wanting, waiting.
what else can i do right ;p

i agree. maybe its still too early to tell, but im willing to take the chances.

but frankly im not sure if shes worth the risks ;p

hehe. u'll never know if u dun try u know.

prolly, put some efforts, but dun hope too much coz if u dun get it, it might break u into pieces.

so, TRY! never give up in love!

(pandai siotz berkata-kata, padahal diri sendiri pun tah pape)

yep yep.
i think im done giving hints and such.

but i agree with u. i wont put any hope tho. but this is the feeling that i long to have.

the feeling of missing someone.
the feeling of wanting to try

haha :)
but thx yah

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