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And so I haven't been updating my blog for a month now. too many things happened within that period. Been thru so many ups and downs but im back on my smelly feet now. Jyeah.

OK so here comes April. Again. And April Fool is not the only thing I will be celebrating.

1. For those who didn't know, it's my friggin birthday tomorrow. Yay. But obviously there won't be any happening party for my birthday, JUST YET. I guess I'm just gonna stay still in front of the laptop until I get sleepy, which in fact I already am now. Travelled to Sarikei and back today and lethargy has dried me up. Wait and see lah.

2. I will be celebrating ONE YEAR of me working in Sarawak. ONE YEAR of me being a permanent PETRONAS staff. ONE YEAR of me having real work and responsibility. And I have to admit, the experience, skills and knowledge I possess now, are WAY below par. Sheesh I really have to step up my gear now ain't it?

3. Lastly, as March reached it's end, it will be the FIRST MONTH that I didn't go back to KL. Gila kan? Since April last year, this month is the first month that I successfully spent the whole month in Sibu. And I'm doing pretty good. :)

So I guess that's about it. I'm gonna make some macaroni and cheese, decorate my place with balloons and prepare party hats for friends to come over, with their presents. Ok that was wishful thinking. Im just gonna snore my birthday eve away lah apparently. Yay. Ciao

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