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So December is entering it's second week. I hope it's not too late to welcome December. It's a month of a lot of things.

A month of holidays. A month of celebration. A month of get-together.
A month of wedding invitations. A month of spending your money at the shopping malls for the things you will regret buying later.

A month of forgetting your homework. A month of waiting for your exam results.
A month of getting that driving license. A month of part-time job.

A month of thinking back about your 2012 new year's resolution.
A month of company's accounts closing.

A month of buying, wrapping, giving and receiving Christmas gifts. A month of snow.
A month of beach vacation. A month of proms. A month of bersunat.

A month of FHM's top 100 hottest women. A month of giving away 2013 calendars and diaries.
A month of farewells and retirement. A month of saying goodbye to school of you're taking SPM this year.

And for the less optimistic people, it's also the month of apocalypse, the end of the world.

Whatever December means to you, I just hope you have a good one and may all your resolutions come true before the clock ticks 12am on the 1st January 2013 :)


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