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It surely felt different not to be able to talk to each other for few days, when they have been talking to each other and updating each others' lives every single day for the past few weeks.

She has decided to end it. He has decided to suffer inside.

And finally he got the courage to call her up, even though he had promised himself not to.

She answered the phone. They talked for hours just like before, minus the sweet words, future plans and mushy nicknames. When they hung up, both of them were happy. One situation.

She was happy that finally he moved on and was able to accept the facts that they are now just friends.

He, on the other hand was happy because he was able to hear her voice again, made her laugh again, updated each others' lives, once again. He was happy because he thought he could still win her heart, even if he had to wait for her to be ready.

Different perceptions.


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