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girl on MSN: hey Faliq

me on MSN: eh. whoa it's you! it's been centuries!

girl on MSN: haha yeah tell me about it. how are you

me on MSN: great, great. i'm surviving.

20 mins later..

girl on MSN: haha yeah. hey, i think i gotta go now.

me on MSN: ah cool. so ur still using ur old number right?

girl on MSN: erm. i think let's stick to MSN

me on MSN: er, why?

girl on MSN: i think it's a bad idea for me to be in touch with a guy friend thru the phone. my bf wouldn't like that idea very much.



ok that just proves my point that SOME PEOPLE WERE WAY MORE FUN BEFORE THEY GOT INTO RELATIONSHIP. -____-"


agree with you 110%!!


the pic somehow looks like u hehehheh

kesian faliq oiiiii :p

well, maybe if you're in a relationship later on, you'll be less fun too. we shall see k? hehe

thank you hayyul and sheera (not for the my look-alike tho haha)

keen: i know right. huhu

dee: well u wont see the diff pon. we're not that close pon kan. plus ur in freaking moscow. haha

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