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I hope this entry explains everything that you need to know about who am I and why am I trending in Malaysia for the past 3 days.

First of all, hi. I'm @faliqfahmie and this is my blog. I signed up for Twitter on 13th May 2009 and been a Twitterholic since then. What do I tweet? Crap mostly. And corny stuff that you would puke to.

Having 7,811 followers on Wednesday, I tweeted "Your name is my personal trending topic". If you're from Twitter, you would know what does this mean. If you're not, I suggest you sign up for one. Ha.

Ok so few friends of mine responded to this tweet by jokingly tweeted "#FaliqFahmie is my personal trending topic" and suddenly it became a hashtag. Friends tweeted about #FaliqFahmie to make fun of my tweet and without knowing it, it got trending. Thanks to these people with lots of followers, @karrotgold @dabushkamaruddin @bam_reel @aizadfahmy @ciksenah and lots more.

What started as a joke, became a trending topic.

Everybody started to ask who the heck is #FaliqFahmie and it contributed to the trending. Some friends also jokingly tweeted "Better delete your Twitter if you didn't know who #FaliqFahmie is" and some people took it seriously.

Today, 3 days after that, I'm having 10,190 followers on Twitter, 217 followers on this blog from 124, and 28 Facebook friend requests.

So here are the FAQ.
How did I become trending? My friends started it, haters added to it, strangers have been asking about it.

What did I do to become trending? I don't know. Read my timeline. It's boring actually.

What do I feel about this? At first thrilled, but after receiving so many haters for nothing, I'm feeling quite uncomfortable with this sudden fame, really. What I'm afraid most is, when these new followers realized that I'm actually boring and they will regret following me.

You guys should know that I never wanted this to happen, and it wasn't me who started the trending.

So, there goes my story. I can only be me. I'm sorry if I didn't meet your expectations.
And I hope this trending topic dies off soon as I don't deserve to be up there.


ouhh pretty hot. now i know who is faliqfahmie. hi :D

cool bro :) Follow me at twitter @queenhada :)

Whatever it is, i still love most of your tweets :)

yaaa. now i know how #faliqfamie start trending. hahaha. but seriusly,ur tweets doubt. :P

thank you guys. korang mmg awesome :)

haha cool!
what a coincidence!

haha glad to view the trending person at twitter.
famous bro.
kalah retissss :) hehe. JK

aku tak kesah siapa kau. Aku blogger. Aku suka blog kau. keep it up :)

you invented twitter. see you in The Social Network part 2.

cool ~

LOL dah termaktub di lof mahfuz for yr instant fame , mesti ada hikmah(:

FaliqFahmie tetap tweeps yang meriahkan TL hari-hari.

i just realised that i have retweeted quite a number of your tweets BEFORE this faliqfahmie trending which means your tweets are cool! seriously! i know i wouldn't have any regret after following you(!) :)

I have added cool emoticons to this message.
To see them go to

tweet ko best dowh.

I love when a guy just being himself without trying too much and it's you :D

macam-macam tomahan di trending bout u faliq,but i will support u!ur tweeting the best :D


Truth exposed! Now I know ;) I was curious too yesterday.

Sekarang dunia di hujung jari, sekelip mata segala-galanya berubah.

Owh...saya ikut sejak belum jadi trending.. LOL! p


Tweet #FaliqFahmie tak pernah boring sejak 1st follow dia

Sekian terimakasih

I know this is outdated. hoho. I was curious too when I saw that #faliqfahmie. Well, I ignored it coz I thought you are some kind of new artist like that. LOL. until I saw you acc and read your blog. Well, this is interesting, how a game changed to fame. that's cool actually. :)

your tweet awesome ok . no offence :D

coolio *lambat tp nak gak comment* :p

Hai Faliq.I know my komen ni dah way too late ;p I follow your twitter because of the haters.I never knew about the hashtag & trending.I searched your name in Google,just to know who's this Faliq Fahmie with so many haters.I found none & kept wondering why.My timeline was full of the #faliqfahmie.

After following you,I just found nice tweets.Then, I start stalking your profile to know when the hashtag started.Tapi boringlah kan nak view someone's tweets yang dah bertahun-tahun.Setiap hari baca your nice words buatkan saya teringin nak jumpa u.Sebab saya still wonder kenapa orang tak suka u.

Saya berbangga bila u follow me.Sebab dalam 15000+ yang follow u,saya termasuk dalam 2000+ yang u follow (memang bangga tanpa sebab kan).Dahla saya mengarut je kat twitter tu.

After jumpa u dekat OctTwtFest tu I've the answers and you deserved my comments.

You're awesome,man.I try to find you since I arrived but I know you are performing at night.So, saya just tunggu.Bila saya pergi say hi & kenalkan diri,u senyum.At that time,saya terus cakap dalam hati "He's good" sebab u berpeluh-peluh but still can smile at me.Dahla music that time so loud.Thanks again for that smile.Blog ni pun baru je baca.Ngeh3.Maka saya mengumumkan di sini bahawa saya adalah kipas susah mati u. Haha ;p

Hope can meet u again someday & borak lama2 ;p

sorry la komen panjang2,ngeeee ;p @zamzuriani

exactly, siapa on twitter on dont know who faliqfahmie is, boleh delete twitter sekarang hahaha

"What do I feel about this? At first thrilled, but after receiving so many haters for nothing, "

I find this statement ironic. *standing ovation~

ni first time aku dtg blog ni dan ni first post yang aku baca.
but hell yeah,
i think i fall for this post.

thanx for an honest explanation.

and i think u r worth followed.

*clapping hands~


oh,this is faliqfahmie.

thankyou for revealing this bro!hahah :D

awasome bro . lepas ni #fakhrulhisyam pulak . hahaii . just kidding .

awesome bro ! lepas ni #fakhrulhisyam pulak . hahaiii .

faliqfahmie !! faliqfahmie !! faliqfahmie !! hyee !!!!! ^_^

ok.. aku baru harinie nak follow... hahahahha

tetibe tertekan ur tweetter,and tertekan ur blog , and baru tahu who are you and what this actually about,oh come on , love the way u write :)

Ahh that explains it.. Maybe u should help putting hashtag to me too #Sarah Nor #@_sungoesdown_ (blur xtau hashtag name ke yg '@' tu) hahaha

Facebook Likes
Thanks a lot for blogging this, it was unbelieveably informative and helped me tons.

Hai Faliq

Hai Faliq

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