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*Sniff. I sneezed a little bit when i logged into this account because it was so dusty. (Ok that's lame). But yeah, it's been a month now. I don't know why but I lost spark with this blogging thinggy. If it were a relationship, I would end it once and for all. HA-HA.

Ok so forgive me for being away. Blame the more hip facebook notes and the in-thing twitter. Prolly to the workloads as well. But i doubt that I'm missed here. Kan?

So what's new with me. It's been a month now. Any changes?

Well there are. Not me. I haven't changed a bit. Still the lazy fat ass who apparently sets the less important things such as leisure and entertainment as priorities, instead of work and self health. :D

But it's the surrounding. My work enviroment. Political climate. World order.
Things are in chaos I'd must say. Things changed and some changes are still taking place.
Some are imminent. Some are minimal. But most are impactful.

First, my work surroundings. What do you feel when half of your team members, with the possibility of even your superior, wont be in the team, by the end of this month? Major reshuffling has and is taking place, not too much for my liking. A change so drastic, that I believe would disrupt the plans that have been made earlier. Gahh i hate this.

I wont touch on the political climate here, but the epidemic of the Swine Flu is currently sending shivers worldwide, with few cases have been reported here in Malaysia. I wonder will it effect the planned trip to Phuket next July. Fingers crossed.

I support the notion of change that Obama carries, but at times I have to agree with my own notion, 'Not all changes are for the good'. But since some changes are beyond our control, all I can do is adapt, and live with it. Because after all, the only consistent thing in life, is change. :)


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