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I'm back.
Same old me, same old story.

After reading several blogs, ive decided to just BLOG IT AWAY. Won't be posting stupid self-written poems anymore. Ok maybe once in awhile because I'm lame like that :)

It's Saturday night and it's raining outside. It has been raining constantly for the past one week, flooding all major roads and the low-level area in Sibu. Giving me more excuses to stay put at home.

Eventhough it's still January, I'm already starting to plan for my big day. With so many ideas, but limited choices of venues and themes, suddenly I'm feeling the unnecessary pressure. The pressure to ensure my party will be a smooth, memorable one. I've experienced two mediocre parties of my own last two years so I'm pretty determined to make amends this time around.

Hope I can plan a doable, impactful party that can please all the guests. Simply because, it's gonna be my 25th birthday party. Damn I'm old. :)

Still letting the options open. Haih.


welcome back.

awal gile plan bday party.
tapi i pun dah plan. :D

fuyooo! (i don't know what to say actually)

cheng2: kene la plan awal. nanti kelang kabut. huhu

sarr: ape kes hurup besa kecik. ingat zaman mirc ke lol

25 is still young...not tooOO worry about it or else u'll look older than ur supposed to;)

p/s: count me in for your birthday party ;p hehe..

heh thx linda. im worried about the party la u. not the number 25. obviously u will be invited :)

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