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Thursday 22nd May

Meh nothing much happened today.
Was audited in the morning which I think I scored pretty decently.
And watched Xmen with my colleagues after work (I loved it)

Wtv it is, tomorrow is payday, biotch!

It's 1:06am Thurs 22nd May 2014, and I'm typing this (or rather blogging this) using my iPad. Gone were the days of me sitting in front of my laptop, thinking of what beautiful words to be uttered, how to personalize it a little bit more, to add pictures and all. Meh, those were the days.

I saw the last post of mine, dated way back in 2012. That was before Twitter came into the picture and killed (maybe paralyzed a bit) the blogging scene everywhere. Except for those gossips and politics blogs I'd reckon.

Whatever it is, here I am, trying to write again. But this time around, it won't shout "hey-please-read-my-posts-and-increase-my-page-hits" anymore. I think I'm going to make it a little bit more personal. Like a diary. Since I know the only person who's going to read this again in the future is, yup, me.

Alright where do I start.

Woke up a tad early today, just because we were having breakfast with our SGM, GM and their entourage this morning before they proceeded with their visits. Got back to the office and sorted out some documentations and filings for tomorrow's audit (gulp). The day went kinda slow and dull. Gotta blame the gloomy weather of late. Went back home after working hours and had my nap,

Got out of the bed (finally, and it was only because I was hungry) and headed to City Square with a to-buy-list mentally embedded in my brain. Managed to get my Superdry watch fixed, bought an SD card for my Note 3 (the storage problem was kinda annoying, plus I'm too lazy to get all my pics transferred to my laptop on a weekly basis), had Kenny Rogers for dinner (instead of Subway which what I had in mind prior to that - so much of eating healthy, Faliq -_-) went to Crossover and bought two tees (HUF and Rockwell - first time coming across that brand) and went up to the cinema to catch the 11pm Bad Neighbours show, only to find the last show was at 9pm. Damn you Cinemapps.

So I had to change my plan and reluctantly watched Godzilla (3D) instead. To my surprise, I had fun watching it and it wasn't as boring as some people claimed it to be. Perhaps my simple mind liked it and the sadist side of me loved the mass-casualties-and-cities-destruction scenes.

And that was before I spent half an hour trying to figure out how to pay for my parking ticket as I only has RM1 note and two fiddy dollar bills, when the amount that I had to pay was RM3. Stupid machine didn't accept RM50 nor coins. And it was 12:30 ish and no one was around. Until I came across a dude who was willing to exchange my coins with another two RM1 bills. God bless you random citizen.

I guess that's about it. P/s: I'm still hating myself for not being able to muster any strength and motivation to hit the gym. And on another note, I finally passed 7300 followers on Instagram. Wee huu (slow clap)

Night world. Let's see how discipline I can be in ensuring this "diary" is updated on a daily basis. Ha!

So December is entering it's second week. I hope it's not too late to welcome December. It's a month of a lot of things.

A month of holidays. A month of celebration. A month of get-together.
A month of wedding invitations. A month of spending your money at the shopping malls for the things you will regret buying later.

A month of forgetting your homework. A month of waiting for your exam results.
A month of getting that driving license. A month of part-time job.

A month of thinking back about your 2012 new year's resolution.
A month of company's accounts closing.

A month of buying, wrapping, giving and receiving Christmas gifts. A month of snow.
A month of beach vacation. A month of proms. A month of bersunat.

A month of FHM's top 100 hottest women. A month of giving away 2013 calendars and diaries.
A month of farewells and retirement. A month of saying goodbye to school of you're taking SPM this year.

And for the less optimistic people, it's also the month of apocalypse, the end of the world.

Whatever December means to you, I just hope you have a good one and may all your resolutions come true before the clock ticks 12am on the 1st January 2013 :)

Ramadhan tiba lagi. Alhamdulillah, kita berkesempatan untuk menjalani bulan yang memang ditunggu-tunggu oleh semua umat Islam.

Aku konfirm, Ramadhan yang lepas-lepas ada memberi sejuta satu kenangan dekat korang. Bulan yang mencabar, bulan orang buat duit, bulan orang pakai duit, bulan reunion, bulan orang nak belajar berhenti merokok, bulan orang nak cuba kuruskan badan, bulan orang putus jari main mercun. Macam-macam definisi ada.

Ramadhan kali ini adalah Ramadhan yang kedua aku sambut di Johor Bahru. Walaupun secara teknikalnya sekarang aku dekat Keramat kerana memang dah jadi tradisi keluarga utk bersahur, berpuasa dan buka puasa (aku masih ralat nak guna perkataan iftar) pada hari pertama dengan family.

Kenangan aku pada Ramadhan-Ramadhan lepas tak banyak beza dengan korang, aku rasa. Kalau masa kecik, dijanjikan seringgit satu hari puasa penuh oleh parents aku. Kalau masuk zaman sekolah rendah, zaman selalu ke tandas basuh muka dan berkumur (ada la setitik dua air kumuran tu yang mencecah tekak). Masuk zaman sekolah menengah pulak since aku sekolah asrama, bersahur dan berbuka puasa ramai-ramai di dining hall tu perkara wajib.

Sehinggalah ke zaman uni, kalau masa sengkek tu, pergi bazaar je beli satu jenis juadah main course, berselang selikan dessert yang berupa kuih muih tempatan. Dan paling aku ingat masa aku berpuasa di Sibu Sarawak utk 2 tahun sebab aku posting kat sana. Pukul 6.45pm dah masuk waktu. Memang syok tapi hari-hari buka sorang sbb kat sana colleague pun takde sangat.

And for sure, antara benda yang paling famous di bulan Ramadhan ni ialah Bazaar Ramadhan (aku masih belum ready nak pakai term PARAM) dia dan segala kuih muih, lauk pauk yang ada. Murtabak, air katira, ayam percik, even kurma pakcik Yusof Taiyob pun akan kembali femes bila bulan puasa.

Dan of course, bulan ni la bulan kita beramal. Bukan nak jadi poyo tapi kalau sebulan ni pun korang takleh nak beramal lebih sikit dari 11 bulan yang lain, susah lah aku nak cakap. Zaman kekecik dulu pergi terawih sebab nak usha awek. Sekarang pun ada lagi sentimen tu tapi dah berkurang sebab awek-awek baya aku yang datang pun mesti dah kahwin ha ha.

Apapun, jadikanla Ramadhan kali ini Ramadhan yang bererti. Kalau nak beli juadah, beringatlah, jangan sampai membazir. Kalau nak main mercun, berwaspadalah jangan sampai terbakar rumah. Ambik kesempatan ni utk banyakkan amalan. Masa ni jugak utk kita buat reunion ke, mini reunion ke dengan member2 lama. Makin tua korang, makin susah nak jumpa kawan-kawan lama duduk setable borak-borak. And kepada yang berpuasa di perantauan tu, aku respek korang. Bukan senang nak adapt esp kalau first time.

So, selamat berpuasa lah ye. Semoga amalan kita semua diberkati :)

So as I was busy planning and sorting things out for my upcoming birthday dinner this Saturday, a thought struck me, "Last year at this time, was I this busy or things were already in place for my birthday dinner party?"

The answer is the former. This time around last year, I was still busy making plans and inviting people over to my party. I was still having headaches on selecting the best venue, date, menu etc. It was so poorly planned and I remember making a promise to myself, "Next year I will do it better."

Turns out, I'm not. I'm not doing it any better than last year. I'm still the sloppy, poor-planner as I was last year. Perhaps I can take comfort with the fact that I got a little busier this year with #twtupJohor and other stuff, but in a nutshell, I didn't fulfil my own promise I made to myself, last year.

And that triggered me to think at a larger scale. Looking at a bigger picture. My life as a whole. Have I changed for the better this year? Am I a better person than who I was last year? Am I keeping the promises I've made before?

Plenty of yes and no I'd might say. Then I started to evaluate myself, where I am and who am I now. I started to look around. I started to compare. I started to analyse.

How do I fare, work wise? Am I a better employee now? Do I understand things that I didn't last year? Can I solve problems that I can't back then? What about financial-wise? Have I started saving for my future? Or am I still a big spender like I've always been?

And one can't simply run from the relationship question. I remember seeing a girl, at this time last year, which didn't turn out well. Fast forward to one year later, she already has a boyfriend now with 3 different ex-boyfriends before that. And me? I'm still roaming free in this lonely town called the singlehood. Well no change there.

So the questions keep on flowing, like I'm doing an interview and a post-mortem on myself. Have I gained more weight this year (yes), do I drive a better car this year (no), do I have more Twitter followers this year (yes) and the list goes on and on.

So, the bottom line is, people say life is a journey. Up ahead, looking forward. But there's certainly no harm in looking back once in awhile. Not to dwell on our past, but to do a reality check on ourself. To evaluate things. To analyse situations. To re-set goals. To see where do we stand today.

Those evaluating is not enough. We must strive to be better. We need to adjust our attitude if it needs to be. We have to grow up, and be more wiser than we were last year.

So tell me, exactly one year ago, what were you doing? And are you generally doing it better this year?

So I have. Watched The Vow.

Quite frankly, I wasn't aware about the existence of the movie prior to watching it. Neither have I watched the trailer nor seen the poster anywhere. Perhaps they were there, but I just happened to miss them. So I didn't know what to expect out of this movie, initially I thought.

Anyway, no, this is not a movie review, professionally. I'm a no movie critic. I'm just a normal guy who enjoys watching movies, and tonight I feel like sharing it. And yes, spoiler alert.

So, what is the movie all about? And how did it affect me until it made me blog about it?

This movie starred Channing Tatum and my ex-girlfriend, Rachel McAdams. It lingers around how far can one go, in getting his love back. What would he sacrifice. How long can he weather the storm. How determined he is, in fighting reality that the one he loves. has become a complete stranger. Not on her own will, but fate decided that they got into an accident and she had a major knock on her head that she fell into a coma. Upon waking up, she didn't remember her own husband.

As this movie goes along, audience is left wondering the ultimate question, will Paige (Rachel) ever regain her memory? What will Leo (Channing) do to help Paige in rediscovering herself, and eventually rediscovering them?

I'm not gonna spoil it further for all of you, but I'd must say, I enjoyed watching this movie. After series of good and not-so-good action and comedy movies I watched recently, it felt actually good to watch a good romantic movie.

So I'll leave you with some of memorable lines from this movie and some quotes that I created myself from this movie. Enjoy!

"I hope one day I can love the way that you love me." - Paige

"I vow to love you, no matter what challenges might carry us apart, we will always find a way back to each other" - Leo

“How do you look at the girl you love and tell yourself it’s time to walk away?” - Leo

"If we're meant to be together, we'll be together" - Leo

To me your face is familiar, but to your heart, I'm nothing but a stranger.

Sometimes after you've tried your best and put all your effort into it, you'll just have to let times do its course.

Falling in love is not a once-off event. You should fall in love every day, with the same person.

I stumbled across these youtube videos of people recording strange sounds they heard recently. Some of them were from 2011 but most of them were during the first weeks of 2012. These strange trumpet-like sounds have been recorded all over the world, from Canada, Uzbekistan, USA, Costa Rica, Ireland and even Kota Samarahan, Sarawak. Call me gullible but these sounds are freaking scary, man.

Here are the videos:-

This is from Ireland:-

And this is from Sarawak:

So what do you say?
Sounds from a power grid? Aliens? End of the World? Tiupan Sangkakala? Pure fake and hoax?
Wallahualam. :)

So did you know that last Thursday was the World Heart Day? I know this entry is 2 days late but I'd love to share the message here anyway because this topic is very close to my, yep, heart.

Referring to the World Heart Federation website, World Heart Day was created in the year 2000 to inform people around the globe that heart disease and stroke are the world's leading cause of death, claiming 17.1 million lives each year.

Almost 80% of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke could be avoided if the main risk factors, tobacco, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity, are controlled.

So ask yourself. Are you a smoker? Are you practicing a healthy diet? Have you been physically active?

It's time to do the right thing. I know I haven't been eating right. I haven't been exercising right. But at least I can say proudly that I'm not a smoker. And those who are close to me would know why.

Because my father passed away when I was 7 due to heart failure. And why? Because he was a heavy smoker.

So I'm not gonna risk my life, the people around me, and maybe my future generation. I'm going to love my heart and I recommend you guys to do the same. :) Love your 

I hope this entry explains everything that you need to know about who am I and why am I trending in Malaysia for the past 3 days.

First of all, hi. I'm @faliqfahmie and this is my blog. I signed up for Twitter on 13th May 2009 and been a Twitterholic since then. What do I tweet? Crap mostly. And corny stuff that you would puke to.

Having 7,811 followers on Wednesday, I tweeted "Your name is my personal trending topic". If you're from Twitter, you would know what does this mean. If you're not, I suggest you sign up for one. Ha.

Ok so few friends of mine responded to this tweet by jokingly tweeted "#FaliqFahmie is my personal trending topic" and suddenly it became a hashtag. Friends tweeted about #FaliqFahmie to make fun of my tweet and without knowing it, it got trending. Thanks to these people with lots of followers, @karrotgold @dabushkamaruddin @bam_reel @aizadfahmy @ciksenah and lots more.

What started as a joke, became a trending topic.

Everybody started to ask who the heck is #FaliqFahmie and it contributed to the trending. Some friends also jokingly tweeted "Better delete your Twitter if you didn't know who #FaliqFahmie is" and some people took it seriously.

Today, 3 days after that, I'm having 10,190 followers on Twitter, 217 followers on this blog from 124, and 28 Facebook friend requests.

So here are the FAQ.
How did I become trending? My friends started it, haters added to it, strangers have been asking about it.

What did I do to become trending? I don't know. Read my timeline. It's boring actually.

What do I feel about this? At first thrilled, but after receiving so many haters for nothing, I'm feeling quite uncomfortable with this sudden fame, really. What I'm afraid most is, when these new followers realized that I'm actually boring and they will regret following me.

You guys should know that I never wanted this to happen, and it wasn't me who started the trending.

So, there goes my story. I can only be me. I'm sorry if I didn't meet your expectations.
And I hope this trending topic dies off soon as I don't deserve to be up there.

Yeah aku saje je nak share pasal video Malaysian Boy dari Ila Damia, Altimet, Point Blanc, Rabbit Mac dan DJ Fuzz ni. No, bukan pasal isu konon Kanye West nak saman Altimet sebab lagu tu ciplak dari American Boy. Yang isu tu malas aku nak komen sebab yang rakyat2 Malaysia yang menggelabah nak support Kanye West pasal isu copyright tu pun rata-rata kaki download movie atau lagu for free dalam internet. Tapi ni pasal konon ada hantu dalam vclip tu.

Betul ke?

Korang tengok screenshot ni. Dorang berlima:

tapi tiba-tiba beberapa saat kemudian, korang akan nampak macam kelibat perempuan rambut panjang berbaju putih enterframe:

Nampak tak sebelah kiri tu? NAMPAK TAKKKKKKK.

Kalau tak sure, pergi la tengok videoclip tu lagi sekali, dekat saat 00:43


aku rasa tu pelakon extra je. Tapi sebab dia tak cantik, director suruh cut sebelum die enterframe. Peace.

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